Digital Fanart Friday Doodles: Mario 3DLand & Kirby Mass Attack

The following are some traditional doodles I decided to practice digital techniques/programs on during the last week of December 2011. Loads of trial and error! And also because I played Super Mario 3D Land and Kirby Mass Attack.

1) Based on the trailer for Luigi’s Mansion
2) Based on an old Paper Mario 2 doodle I did
3) Based on how the tanooki/raccoon costumes on Luigi and Toad are hilarious
4) Based on Super Mario Bros. Wii when my bro kept jumping on my head when playing coop

Mario Doodles
Kirby Mass Attack: Old school style~!

I’m FAR from 110% with my techniques and skill. Much room for improvement.
Still, I had to do fanart now since I needed to get it out of my system haha

Not perfect but I hope I’m improving…

Added captions for enhanced entertainment, if any.