In this blog post:
❧ the art & subtitled timelapse is back!
❧ doing dragon fanart this year!
❧ on trusting yourself, ghosting and resilience with stress
❧ personal update, the year of the dragon & more!

In this blog post:
– thoughts on my Year of the Cat illustration & little bit on lunar new year
– numbered intimacy levels to gauge relationships and friendships
– managing my autism, inertia, uneven productivity, attention, drive, emotions and energy levels
– update/changes to my little Patreon
– personal update

In this blog post:
– speedpaint commentary video on feeling behind with productivity!
– the Year of the Rabbit horoscope
– movie rambles
– removing my art on Artstation
– figuring out my videos, workload and nobody wants to watch speedpaints of studies
– personal update

Hey I’m back!!
I talk about the Tiger zodiac reading for fun & reflect on (technically) my Hipster Whale 1 year anniversary…

Fanart / Lunar New Year of the Ox 2021 with Itegami! [Ōkami 大神]
A dedicated blog post for this project!

Fanart for Ōkami 大神 / Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox 2021 with Itegami, process + LeonieUpdate, mental health notes, interesting finds in this blog post [patron only]!

Tachigami, the Celestial God of Power Slash!
LeonieUpdate and ramble about art struggles after coming back from her break!

Happy Lunar New Year full of fireworks!! Featuring a sleepy Bakugami, the Celestial God of the Cherry Bomb. Sleepy because I’m pretty pooped, exhausted and ambivalent from the past couple of years.

Rambling about the year

Adriel & Rami’s Wedding Icons



VectorBurpQuest attempts

Some Commissions

Mighty Games Ladies Portraits
#nonoFomo WiDGET SuperListenMode comics

“Being Yourself” versus Defining who you are!

About my Mighty Games 1 year anniversary

Y4M1 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Melbourne Global Game Jam 2017: Goddess of the Ruby Sea Recap!

And LeoniePlays other GGJ games!

Mighty Games Shenanigans: Mulan Studies & Chinese New Year 2017 Shooty Skies

The Past Month: Kotaku Australia Game Artist Feature 

MCV Pacific 30Under30 Honourable Mention

Nintendo Switch & Treehouse Presentations

Thoughts on Brene Brown’s Talks, Vulnerability & Not being Enough

On Being a Hermit

Rambling about Apathy in Students

Silly Shenanigans I did on video

Special Thanks for the month

And inspiring someone through this blog?!

Lots of studies, Y3M2 Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

BurpAvatar Adventuuures: Experimenting & Throwing “I’m not good enough” out the door!

Melbourne Chris Sasaki Character Design Masterclass: Here we go!

The Past Month: Adjusting to a different lifestyle at Mighty!

To think! The 20th of August was a sunny day! (: [and I accidentally posted this on this day when I should be autoposting!] There are …

Fanart: Okamiden Finished version 2 ★ Read more » » »

Photo version: the actual watercolour cut outs! Okay I’ve finished it up with lineart and there are going to be two versions. First version will be …

Fanart: Okamiden Finished version 1 ★ Read more » » »