Splatoon 3 / Harmony + timelapse!

Took me 7 sessions 💀 🐻

Splatoon 3 storymode spoilers ahead:

I was stuck for the longest on the last section, 3rd phase with the final wave of octolings and died the most there. I hated them for spamming specials and overwhelming/surrounding me so much. It felt incredibly unfair and I even looked up on reddit how people did it! Nothing really stuck with me aside from just keep going at it and find what approach suits you best.

ARGHHHH I finally did it – I was utterly defeated and frustrated but I kept trying again and again and again. And then I luckily got it by keeping a far distance away from them, moving a lot, tackling them on the own, hiding away and adapting on the spot which is all up to chance :’)

The first platforming section of the level was the second most difficult for me and then the target shooting section.

My arms hurt so much and I don’t want to ever touch this super long expert level again. I hate it. It was torture trying to survive :<

Little timelapse!

I realise that people called these “speedpaints” with their art timelapses when they’re not. I name them as such though just to test if it works better with the algorithm ;P

Speedpaints I think would be paintings that are done in a really short amount of time – yet “short” is subjective. Perhaps an hour, 30minutes, 3 hours, who knows?


Why is her fish friend on the cusp of dying :’)

Personal Ramble

I watched Face off (1997) for the first time and it felt like a long HK corny, action movie experience :’)

The over acting, drama, ridiculousness, horny creep moments and long action scenes. The surgery scene was gross and I kept voicing my disbelief at how unrealistic it was. Of course so many had to die/get killed off as the movie went along! And them dragging out the contrast between the lives of the two leads during the middle of the movie! People acted their heart out! Also is the kid actor the same for both roles for the sons?

I also *hated* that “hand slowly moving vertically over someone’s face to express affection” they kept pushing for. It’s too creepy and invasive of personal space for me and what you do when you want to help close someone’s eyes when they’re dead in movies ;P

I’m glad I watched it and I don’t want to watch it again. Wow.

I’ve been having that terrible, grumpy, stressed out time of the month again so I’ll stop here :<

Please take care and have a good week ahead!