Splatoon 3: Marigold /スタッフさん from the Tableturf Battle Dojo! Hey I’m back!

Splatoon 3 doodle I did a few weeks back!

Seems like I have to retweet for it to be seen! I have to get used to this discomfort :<

It’s just difficult to reach new people with social media, it’s emotionally and mentally exhausting. Let me complain here :’)

I did this doodle on a whim since stress is a thing for a lot of us ;P

This really mysterious goldfish!

If you know, you know how little we know about them :0

The card game is fun and I have yet to get deep into it!

Splatoon 3 is a super great game, the lore and story/single player mode is the best yet out of the three games!

Super well designed and fast paced levels too! Looking forward to DLC (:

Also the Animal Crossing + Splatoon concert last night was cool!

They didn’t use the latest holographic tech but having a see through large screen worked well enough.

The Animal Crossing medley with DJ KK blended songs with each other with the same bass track. It was alright.

I’m reminded of how I sunk too many hours into that game :’)

Gosh all of the Splatoon musicians were really into it and jamming when they got the spotlight. Especially that drummer and maybe that longer haired guitarist :0 The pianist was super cool/fierce and another lady musician who was shaking that instrument was super smiley!

Noted most of the screen time went to Shiver since she had more lyrics (and the people’s favourite probably) and in contrast Big Man didn’t have much screen time and got left standing on his own at the end. And Frye was somewhere in the middle :’)

Their last song, Calamari Inkantation was a predictable and familiar pick with the Squid Sisters being back but it was good! :0

Personal rambles, avoiding games week and posting schedule adjustment!

A lot of gamedev people were doing last week’s games week and it’s overwhelming, draining and exhausting as a whole – based on my past experiences (in which I have blogged about) and my impressions from those who did go this year. I just saw tiny glimpses of the highlights, given that I’m not really in the loop nor check social media too much.

As usual I didn’t go, it’s not for me, I’m a grump, social groups and certain people and crowds give me anxiety, insecurities, stress and other kinds of trauma, I’m a germaphobe plus I’m also juggling my own stuff ;P

Perhaps I’ll force myself to go to a small daytime event one day but I don’t want to promise anything. I’m not really inclined to do social events as it is, as much as catching up with people and meeting new people can be super wholesome and nice :’)

Digressing! I did a lot of life things that took too long: backups, online security and changing phone numbers, getting stressed out from things and actually not shying away on giving online feedback on a consistently rude person. And a bunch of other random things and errands. I didn’t get to play much games.

So I’m bummed that I didn’t get as much art and learning done. Next year I hope to make study posts more regularly or I won’t improve!

I did get tedious life things done though!

The posting break I just had showed me how I really needed the break because I didn’t feel like making art, needed scheduled time away from it, I kept getting distracted and it allowed me to do some of the life things that needed doing. It allowed me to slack off from art making without feeling too guilty.

I took some time to reflect and rearrange my rough plan.

In light of this stress, disappointment in myself and overwhelm, I have to bump up how regular I take posting breaks and make it a monthly thing roughly at the start of the month. This is because I keep feeling like I’m behind with studying and making art – I need to reign back how much I put on my plate, adapt, give myself leeway and be kind with myself. I’m low on sleep and am burning myself out too much! Ongoing process indeed!

And ignoring the voice for Mario, the Mario movie looks great and Jack Black is definitely hamming up his Turtle Dragon role like a wrestler! :0

Well here goes another busy morning and week ahead!