Splatoon 3 Fanart / Rock Paper Scissors Splatfest with Shiver and Frye + timelapse! πŸͺ¨πŸ“œβœ‚️

I was on Big Man’s team and my doodle was passable, given that I couldn’t draw well with an analog stick.

I shall try to draw with a clumsy stylus next time and hope that turns out better πŸ™

Little timelapse! πŸͺ¨πŸ“œβœ‚️

I was trying to finish this illustration yesterday while also trying to fit in a few game hours of the Splatfest Premiere :’)

Admittedly it was my embarrassing mistake: my silly brain switched Rock and Scissors around for some reason and by the time I realised, I liked how it turned out so I kept it that way :’) Team Rock is supposed to be with Shiver so whoops!

PS: I added a ramble about ClipPaintStudio’s business direction in last week’s blog post if you missed that :0

ShiverπŸ™ (shark trainer descendant) & FryeπŸ¦‘ (moray eel trainer descendant)

Shiver is the standout in terms of design and Frye’s design is growing on me!

I like them both now that I’ve drawn them :0

I don’t understand their loose shawls though – reminds me of fashionable cellophane plastic bags, looks uncomfortable to wear and keeping them from falling off the body seems annoying ;P

I say this because I’ve worn oversized ponchos before and it was stressful keeping it on and out of my way :<

Ramble about the Splatfest Demo

I wasn’t sure if I’ll play Splatoon 3 too much so I’m not particularly excited but I’m interested enough to play it and its story mode as someone who has played the previous two games!

When I started playing this demo, I found myself playing for 2 hours until I felt I needed the break from being all tense and sore! RSI oh no!! I can only play in bursts of approximately 2 casual hours at a time and that’s okay for me! Or maybe it gets a tad too tense for me. I’m glad that this time I can rest my arms, switch weapons/gear or training while I wait for the next match.

Realised I’m one of those silly butts who ink the home turf first when I should have left that until later respawns. I shall keep that in mind in the future! Hey I just want to cover ground and I’m not that smart to strategise, think ahead and mind game opponents. I tend to hyperfocus on inking the map the best I can and also on my survival. So I tend to get splatted :’)

All the other regions started playing before my region and by the time I got around to playing, red team (my team) was in the lead and gets beaten up by the other two teams in the Tricolour Battles. I didn’t know there was half time and it was time sensitive! I got misled that team rock was in the lead in terms of popularity!

And it turns out that Team Rock wins at all regions anyway!! Arghh ;P

It was truly a chaotic war during those 2 vs 1 battles! I was forced into them because they needed people to fill in the spots – being overwhelmed by two smaller vicious teams is oof. I’m not a competitive player :<

I can see myself playing the single player story mode, splatfests and random battles in fun, short bursts just for the sake of painting the map in my team’s colour. Plus learning new Splatoon lore. And drawing terribly on the switch ;P

I had fun, the quality of life features are appreciated, online battles can disconnect at times (unfortunately and as usual) and it’s all about enjoying the battles in the moment (and turning off my brain). Yeah I don’t expect to win too much ;P

Anyhoo, I’m not looking forward to my upcoming blood test and dentist visit so I’ll be anxious and working around that! Eep!! Worrying about all this work, art, health and life juggling too!! Aah!! Striving to manage my worries with life πŸ™

Here goes another week to juggle, let’s do our best! Good luck for today!