Fanart / Peach Blossom with Princess Peach + timelapse! πŸ‘‘πŸŒΈ

Little timelapse! Dance away and live in the moment! Attacking opponents in your way ;D

Yes I’m doing fanart when Smash Bros. is not even “trending/relevant” and I don’t even play the game much ;P

But hey, I do fanart because it’s my comfort zone so it shall be at my own turtle pace!

Her moves during her final Smash at Super Smash Bros Ultimate 🌸

Hello! As usual, juggling work/life/learning/art/recreation/rest, feeling sluggish/clumsy/tired and trying to not stress about things continues!

I’m not as emotionally anxious and gloomy about my personal art direction, future and “ambitions” now – I just really enjoy character illustration and stylisation in the present. That’s all I really want to focus on with my art learning journey.

Stressing out about “where on earth do I fit in” and trying to fit into doing other things I’m not interested in doesn’t work too well for me, as much as my insecurities take hold and attempt to convince me otherwise during the worst of times. This is why I need to keep away from social media most of the time or I’m too distracted with what other people are doing and what I need to do better ;’)

You could say I’m reassuring myself and that I’m just stubbornly sticking to my focus.

I don’t have the time to do all the learning and art I want to do so I really need to test multiple ways to combine my learning and apply them into my art and studies. And keep failing, experimenting and floundering with that, as usual :S I will need to do more studies next year and to balance out the comfort zone of fanart! Somehow!

Attempting to reassure myself here because I feel behind and irrelevant often :<

I also want to play games, watch/read things, chores, life stuff and rest – ahhhh how do I juggle with all this!! Inevitably many things get put on the backburner and that bums me out. All I can do is to take things one step at a time :<

I’m also interested in testing out Splatoon 3 later this week, I’m rusty with splatting! :0

All the best with your life juggling too! Take care this week and hope it goes well!

Edit about changes to ClipStudioPaint: Disappointing to say the least to know that they’re now just doing subscription from version 2 onwards. Whelp like with Photoshop, I’m going to stick to the old version v 1.X forever – before the subscription versions. No thanks subscription model! I cannot afford that :’)

Edit 24th August: now that I’ve gotten more perspectives I think CELYS have really horrible, confusing PR because their press release was super convoluted. Their subscription model is weird too.

They shouldn’t have marketed themselves as the best “one time payment art software + free updates forever” versus Photoshop because business wise that isn’t sustainable. Consequently a lot of struggling artists feel betrayed by this marketing point and feel like it’s trying to follow the steps of Photoshop. They probably/could be, I wouldn’t know.

I don’t even know how they lasted this long with buying their software once + free updates forever. CSP is a great program and updates have been either powerful or small with features/changes and it’s been understandably random. They do deserve to get paid so they can keep adding more features and keep going with software development.

So as I understand it: buy a new version of the software (v2 or v3 for instance) to keep up to date. If you want bonus updates on top, you have to subscribe to the “update pass” to get advance features for the next version (v3 or v4, etc) of the software. If you stop paying for the update subscription, what’s really weird is that you revert back to the original/default version of the software you bought (like with software on CDs on release). Why can’t you keep the latest version you were using and paid for (like other digital software updates)? I wished they called them “advance updates for the next version” to be clearer and that they let you keep the optional updates you’ve paid for if you stop paying for your pass.

It seems like they’re trying to compete with Adobe so they need to make it more business sustainable for them – they’re going back to providing each software version as its own product to buy separately.

Which is reasonable! If each version’s features are worth it, that is! And it’s great I can keep using version 1 if I don’t want to keep buying a new version! I’m happy that I can keep what I have (:

In terms of compatibility issues, I don’t see it a big hurdle because I’ve been using Photoshop CS6 for years, I have faced a lot of PS features I can never use and I just had/have to work around it. I’m not too fussed ;P

I’m not interested in the subscription stuff since I can’t afford that plus I’d rather buy the software outright and wait for the next version that feels worth it. I’m happy with v1.X as of now and I’ll wait and see if future versions are worth it for me, otherwise I’ll stick to what I have. Or wait for version 3,4, etc or something (: