Fanart / Oersted from Live A Live + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

Original tweet from last week; now I have 140 something?!

For this youtube channel I edited vlogs at game industry events, did 3 podcasts, did let’s plays, reviews and years later I went for lower effort art timelapses. This channel didn’t get much interest/traction and I burnt out and lost interest in making youtube videos that required effort. I probably don’t really have that energy, interest nor charismatic presence to do those things.

I am also juggling life as it is :’)

Then my recent timelapses with Kirby and Shiver & Frye got lucky – so thank you!! I guess the youtube algorithm was in my favour for a while? I am simply posting speedy timelapses of my art and that’s it. Trying to get my work out there to new peeps given that I’m a super hermit!

I know 100 subscribers isn’t much when compared to the big “content creators/influencers” but I’m just happy I got this far and that I’m actually getting comments?! Much more comments than all of my other social media platforms. And it took me over a decade / 11-12 years. I’m sure it’ll fluctuate, go down and/or plateau again. So this might be a one-off thing :’)

I have never gotten this many subscribers at once so I was just celebrating this moment and then moving on ;D

For those new here, I am considering twitch streaming quiet drawing study sessions next year(??) but that depends on how I go, my headspace & how I feel about it then :<

Oersted from Live A eviL ;D

“Naught remains. Alone. Utterly alone. Cast out. Unloved. Outside the grace of gods.”

“All for what.”

I could keep going but then that’ll be spoilers ;D

Congrats on this game for shipping 500K units worldwide!

Interesting to know that Akira, then Lei and then Oersted were voted as the top 3 favourite characters :0

Though I drew Oersted before knowing about this popularity vote ;P

His story was most compelling to me. In turn I felt compelled to draw him.

I didn’t play it myself but watched streams instead.

Overall a really good game full of different stories and it’s the definitive version as a remake! The Ancient China story is heavily inspired by Hong Kong martial arts movies which amused me and I enjoyed it. I’m not a fan of the Prehistoric era story and overall some jokes/references/attitudes are dated or cliche as reflected from the time it was made but I did enjoy most of the stories! Note there were some problematic things changed for the global version (since it’s a dated game).

If you’re an JRPG fan, please play this game! I was amazed and kept thinking over about how it ended and the themes it touched upon :0

Finally following from last week, my blood vessels got super & sadly bruised up from the blood test (my carelessness of lifting heavy things didn’t help it) and I shall have to find out its results from the doctor later this week. Eep!! Along with the dentist check up & clean, I was exhausted. Going outside stresses, overwhelms and tuckers me out :’)

Here we go, juggling another week!

Looking forward to Splatoon 3 this Friday, I don’t know if I should even bother asking on twitter if anyone plays this game and would be willing to be switch friends :0