Alice and the Good Witch’s Tea Party! [Crossy Road Candy update gift/fanart + timelapse]

Little 4 minute timelapse! [or 30 second version]

Hey I liked these two characters I did for the game so I did this piece randomly! ;D

As you can see I was stumped and kept iterating. I was thinking of adding the Tooth Fairy but it didn’t work out and I really didn’t want to spend too much time on it.

Generally I make & iterate the Crossy Road characters and environment art for the updates I’ve worked on (and then get Ashleigh’s and the team’s feedback). Much kudos to art boss Ashleigh for her art direction and for suggesting doing a tall, big, elongated Alice from the original illustrations too!

Welcome to the Tea Lovers Club!

Alice in Wonderland the Disney movie and the books were a good part of my childhood.

I related to how the real world also has lots of wonderful, weird, bizarre, confusing, random, cruel, beautiful, wholesome, depressing, disappointing things that may never fully make sense to me.

How lonely, small and alien I feel. How I will always feel like an outcast in the outside world.

And yet we all embrace, manage, struggle and appreciate things in stride on our own paths.

Maybe I’ll find my confident way in life one day. I won’t count on it though :’)

Anyhoo, please enjoy something that nourishes you 💜

There’s always tea time to calm the soul and heart down <3