SuperLeonieMode 354 / Scooting around sweet goodies [the Crossy Road Candy update is here + timelapse!]

Heyyy it finally came out!! I worked on it on/off since September

I am quite happy with this update; I want to ride those cars! :0

I’m happy with my green swirly lollypop trees and candy airplane too!

The trucks in game don’t look like my tribute piece anymore since I did the illustration after environment pass 1 in October. It seems like some pudding and tall things were removed because some trucks have empty carriages. Ah well, game development shenanigans!

Overall I did 3 environment art passes/iterations and super art boss Ashleigh did art direction and final colour adjustments to the roads, other pieces and the train to finish things off!

As always, much kudos to the Hipster Whale team with the update!

RIP the ideas that didn’t work πŸ™

I just stumbled on these tweets on the 17th of December; shows how out of the loop I am with twitter! Some are planned and most is making art from the pool of brainstormed ideas from the team and seeing what sticks :0

6 minute timelapse of this piece!

This is my last regular tribute for general game updates/releases!

As mentioned before with tribute art I will probably *not* do them in the future unless it’s a new Crossy character I made that’s *really* fun and interesting for me to sketch. I have one coming up for this update at least ;P

I might do other random Crossy Road/Hipster Whale related giftart/fanart/tribute art in the future if I feel like it and I’ll probably make it fun, small and quick instead. I don’t know for sure so we’ll see!

I want to focus on other things and to have one less (self made, personal) deadline to worry about.

Again, don’t expect a tribute art piece for every update and for all the projects I’ve worked on as it depends if I have the time, energy and interest for it :’)

How long did it take?

I have no clue and don’t count. I want to make sure I can enjoy the process and create the art for fun. Otherwise I’d stress about it being a “professional” work thing ;P

General process?

Sketch, lineart, colour block in, rendering, polishing and saving it out. Please see the above timelapse.

Brushes: default rough pencil brush & a squarish texture brush

SuperLeonieMode tribute for the new Candy update I helped with! πŸ­πŸŽ€

In terms of sweets, deserts and pastries: I really, really hate too much tasteless/bland whipped cream, fatty cream and mousse (which is often on cakes). I can’t tell which of the creams I don’t mind since I’m not well versed nor knowledgeable in cooking or baking.

All I know is that the type of cream I hate the most makes me gag and tastes super fatty :<

And I don’t like minty things in my food (except for gum) as it triggers my gag reflex conditioned from brushing my teeth with toothpaste :’)

If something is too sweet, I might still enjoy it in small amounts alongside with tea! Well as long as I’m not eating too much concentrated sweetness and sugar :’D

Generally I enjoy light/mild sugary things, cookies, crullers, cinnamon donuts, croissants/pastries, all chocolate as long as it’s not white chocolate (as that’s too sweet), savoury and cheesy pastries, macarons, mochi/daifuku, taiyaki, other kinds of Japanese pastries/sweets, moon cakes (without the disgusting yolk inside), biscuits, Vietnamese rice cakes, sponge cakes, Malaysian sponge cake, plain sponge cakes without thick cream layers inside/on top, most Danish pastries(?), simple muffins and probably more things that I haven’t tried in my life :’)

Yeah I’m a picky eater I guess ;P

And always juggling with self control when it comes to comfort food as I do stress eat (more so with cold weather) and then I get sick of it :< Other times I have no appetite, especially during hot weather.

I don’t have a “second stomach” for desserts – how can I fit more food in when I’m full?! I’m always amazed at how people can do that :0

What are your favourite desserts, pastries and sweets?