Portraits of a Lady Samurai + timelapse! 🏹🌼🌸

Little timelapse of my process!

Portrait of a Lady Samurai

This portrait happened because I was deep into researching and doing the Crossy Road Japan update at the time. I wanted to draw based from the samurai references I collected so here we are!


Another attempt at the portrait after a break

Which portrait do you prefer? I think I’m more loose in the second one :0

I guess as I focus more on art and less on rambling it’s no surprise that little to no people are reading my blog nowadays :’) I’m also considering doing silent and random Youtube streaming studies to keep myself accountable when I feel ready. Considering :<

All the same I super appreciate the small handful of kind people who still stick around! Thank you so so so much for the small handful of you for reading! Thank you!! (: