SuperLeonieMode 344 / Not the taste I was expecting with Durian Chips + timelapse!

Little timelapse!

SuperLeonieMode 344: this doesn’t taste like durian

It is made out of durian but the magic of durian taste is gone :’)

It’s just bland durian (with texture like dried banana chips) with salt on it – nooooooo! It just tastes like fruit chips :<


PS: speaking of another disappointment, I finally tried natto for the first time last week

I was severely disappointed. I was expecting a strong savoury taste or something due to adding sauces and a smidge of mustard(?) to the soy beans but instead it was mostly bland, a tad bitter for the first mouthful (mustard probably) and essentially I was eating mushy beans that was super slimy in texture. I did not even mind the (slight) smell! It did not feel stinky to me. It tasted like nothing so the bland and gross slimyness/stickyness didn’t help nor add anything for me either.

I just don’t enjoy eating bland beans on rice :/ Plus I’m indifferent and not really a beans person anyway.

I’d rather have sweetened red beans (in sweet foods) or super unhealthy salted black beans on rice haha

Whelp I don’t really care for its lack of taste. I gave it a go and natto is not for me! :0

PPS: it’s the nature of the internet and perhaps I’ll be desensitised to it one day but grr people disliking my Youtube videos and more unfollows on twitter :'(

Ah well I get that I’m not actively engaging with others on twitter and I’m tempted to unfollow lots of people to start off fresh occasionally but I’m not that brave yet and I feel like it’ll just be out of hurt, insecurity and me taking social media too seriously again :’)