Sketch for the day 03 / Book + little twitter ramble + timelapse


“Book” [my original post]

It’s a photo study! I got tired of the limitations of the pixiv drawing browser application and did it at Clip Studio Paint ;P

I’m late to the pixivSketch prompt for the day but eh I got around to it! There are no due dates! ;D

I think this is a fun challenge without expectations and I don’t always have thoughts to share for these posts. Don’t expect me to do too much commentary for all of these! I may ramble about whatever’s on the top of my mind though ;D

And I delayed posting this at my blog because I wanted to keep updates to the weekdays while I’m busy with my part time work & learning!

Going to not check twitter notifications and only check mentions

It feels great not checking twitter notifications in recent days! Wow! I feel like I can better experiment, practice, make mistakes and have fun! I can just focus on where I get the most engagement if I’m posting outside of this blog ;P

At the moment it doesn’t seem like having my twitter metrics hidden from me works when I can still see the some of the metrics through my notifications. Consequently I’ll stick to only checking my mentions because rarely anybody mentions/replies to me so I’m in the process of training myself to not even look at my likes and retweets. Hopefully this means I won’t obsess, dread and stress about my work because I can’t see the metrics. Eventually it’ll minimise my performance anxiety.

My mental health is more important than making sure I notice who’s kindly supporting my work. My deepest apologies for not checking! I used to occasionally thank people for following and retweeting but I wouldn’t know from now on! All the same, thank you for your appreciation, help and support! Striving to minimise any negative, hindersome, sensitive and insecure feelings weighing me down from learning and creating :’)

Gosh I really do think I’m doing this to spite twitter (and most mainstream social media platforms like instagram, facebook, tiktok) at this point. Because they’re all designed to be eye-catching, to entertain, educate, engage, distract and satisfy whoever’s consuming it + the algorithm controlling whether your posts are reaching people or not and to keep you addicted into using their platform. I guess I don’t want to be used to provide for free content on their platforms and I want to feel less emotionally affected by twitter by having it less in my life :’)

Hey I don’t have to worry about all that at my blog and I can just focus on what I want to do ;P

Note that I’m not saying I’m quitting twitter entirely! I’ll still post final illustrations and polished studies over there. I don’t want to post/spam there as much when I have my own online space here. I also want people to directly go to my blog and not get everything on twitter :S

Maybe I’ll get a better headspace and learn not to care one day. Actually who am I kidding, I won’t be in a better headspace if I go back to using twitter – obsessively checking notifications as they intended it!

As I think about it more, only checking out my twitter mentions could work out for me! I think this can work. When I feel like I can ignore metrics well and there’s enough time to distance myself from my work, I’ll pick out some of my Sketches for the Day and polished studies and tweet them a month or so later, depending on reception from other online places :0

Meanwhile I’d keep sketchposts of embarrassing studies and the many/some of the Sketches for the Day away from twitter. This is because I need this blog space to freely document my own experiments, learning, mistakes and struggles too (without worrying and stressing about spamming too much rough work and studies on twitter/social media and striving to curate what I tweet).

Digressing. I’m just thinking aloud. I don’t know. Let’s see how things go first!

What I do know is that I feel more relaxed with creating because I’m using twitter less. And blatantly ignoring the blue notification marker ;P

Anyhoo if you’re reading this, you’re super great! It means you got here without twitter mwahaha

Hello! Please take care of yourself! Thank you! (: