Sketch for the day 01 / Blonde hair [pixivSketch prompt 26/05/2021]

My first sketch for these daily pixivSketch prompts!

Made a pixivSketch account even though I have no Japanese knowledge so I depended on online translation haha

It’s pretty simple to use their sketching tools!

I just doodled what first came to mind so it’s not super creative :’)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this daily; I’ll just play it by ear and see whether I feel like doing the prompt! I don’t feel like doing today’s prompt though as it weirded me out haha

Yes instead of bunching up all of my rough pieces into one blog post, I’m going to break down my blog posts according to the topic, type of art/study, focus and so on! This is so that it’s easier to navigate in the long run!

I’m figuring this out as I go! Exciting and scary!!

On following my rough sketches and work!

As you may/may not know, all future blog posts will be free/accessible for everyone again as I take an indefinite break from doing patron exclusive content. I’ve tried several times and it’s not for me right now.

But if I’m embarrassed of my sketch(es) and rough studies, I won’t link or post it on twitter/social media and will discreetly keep it here for those directly following this blog instead ;P

This is so that I’ll still have my own quiet blog space to document my messy journey, I don’t have to worry about metrics/lack of validation, I can post more randomly and I don’t want to show too much rough work versus finished pieces on social media. I’m not expecting much more people directly following this blog nor do I expect anyone would see these posts (given my blog metrics). At least it’s an accessible post this time to the internet void of indifference :<

Hey I just want to doodle, practice and study here and not care about whether it performs on social media, getting even more distracted on the addictive platforms, if people even care about this and if I’m spamming too much :’)

I’m not in a great mental headspace and I don’t want to get bogged down by the downsides of social media so I’m keeping some things here at my little blog space. And post things for me!

So please follow this blog (weekly email digest, rss, wordpress, etc) if my messy art doodles and struggles are your kind of thing! I feel better about it if it means that you’re interested and you’ve chosen to opt in haha

Digressing! I hope you have a safe and low stress rest of your week!

As for me, I need sleep! I’m half functioning and have been very slow :’)

PS: Yes I’ve changed my blog’s look again because the previous one didn’t let me go back to older posts! Digging up wordpress themes again was an irritating hassle! I hope this one works and looks better! What do you think?