StudyPost 03 / Anatomy arm muscle studies!

In this little post:

  • Figure & anatomy studies!

Studies from the book “Strength Training Anatomy“!

Patrons saw this post over 2 weeks early but as I said earlier this week, I’m not doing patron early access posts anymore. Patron polls and whatnot in the future maybe though!

Here is where I continue doing studies from this book [Strength Training Anatomy]!! :0

I managed to do the above 2 or so pages as the 3 week contract work (that ended early this month), the LudoNarraCon rush job and Animal Crossing took over my life. The usual life, learning, work, art, play and sleep juggling.

Striving to study and learn at my own pace

I do feel guilty sometimes that I’m not going full “intense mode”, constantly doing studies and art all the time. I’ve been slacking on the art discipline side of things because I have a rigid schedule for other life routines already and I can’t be tensed up doing art too! It doesn’t help to make good art either :’)

Still feeling like I “should” be doing fundamentals, anatomy, learning character design, illustration, composition, colour theory, visual storytelling, painting and so on bit by bit. On the other hand I feel like I “should” start doing my own projects so I have a bigger vehicle to apply what I’m learning. Or should I just focus on just doing art without the pressure of making something “big”? Hmmm!!

But why am I expecting to burn out on art every day? I note that artists do it because they enjoy it, have focused things to practice and play things by ear as it works for them, especially if they have other life commitments too.

My mental state wants to slow down and go with the flow because I’m short and rigid on time with life/chore shenanigans during certain times of the day already as it is and on the other hand, I don’t want to feel too “lazy” and slow. Hey I “shouldn’t” be playing video games but it relaxes me and I don’t often play games in the past. Gah this juggling!! How do you human without letting stress, tension and wanting to improve consume you :’)

Anyhoo I digress. I’m going to strive for blog posts at least once a week on Mondays if things are super hectic and when I do get any freelance work at all. And when I can manage it, I shall strive for twice a week! 😀 Plus I’ll make a sketchbook post at least once a month! I’m thinking aloud and will keep playing it by ear because life happens :’)

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6 Comments on “StudyPost 03 / Anatomy arm muscle studies!

  1. Already talked about it before but, the linework on the anatomy sketches is really good. All the little muscle fibers are so cool~

    I think you’ve got the right idea with this. Making sure to stick to a schedule and produce results of your labors once a week (Monday Blog Posts), but also pushing yourself to do more and go beyond your normal comfort zone (Two Blog Posts a week. If things aren’t hectic), while also striving to do new things. (Monthly sketches and maybe interesting projects like SixFanarts)

    Just make sure you take the time for relaxing things. Having fun and doing stuff like games/movies might not sound “productive” and make you feel like you’re being “lazy”, but truth is that having Fun and Relaxing is just as important as doing work! If you don’t take the time for yourself you’re going to start hating what you’re doing and your productivity is going to drop. Plus you can find all sorts of fun inspiration from recreational activities!

    • Thank youuuu! Hopefully without the early access stuff, there’s no need to repeat ourselves too! 😀

      Thanks so much for the kind words of encouragement and support! You’re right (:
      Yeah I’m figuring out how to juggle both art (studies, weekly updates, art themes/projects), life and recreational activities too. It just feels like a very slow turtle pace but less stressful overall :’)
      Plus I hope eventually Animal Crossing becomes less of a timesink but there’s house debt & bridges/inclines to build :’)

      • 😀

        I think the hardest part is adapting to the new schedule and being comfortable with your own pace.

        You’re an amazing person Leonie and you need to be doing what’s good for you. Even if it feels slow you’re still progressing and pushing yourself forward. That’s something to be proud of!

        • Oh it’s not necessarily a new schedule because freelance work did change it up for a while and I’m just getting used to things again. Thank you so much for the terribly kind, encouraging words, making my day a bit better Perky! (: