SuperListenMode 301: Quiet Recovery Bubble

SuperListenMode: Quiet Recovery Bubble 

Ignore social media and group social things sometimes, focus on occasional 1 to 1 catch ups & activities with my few, kind friends, do what I can with job hunting, freelancing and retreat into my bubble to learn and take care of myself.

One would argue I’m defaulting to this quiet way of living ;D

Healing and self discovery mode continues.

It doesn’t help that public transport will be poop most of next month so I’ll be a super hermit! I managed to catch up and ramble with a few people in person since coming back from Japan and some others online so I’m not feeling as isolated before super hermit mode happens.

Yes, I am aware that I tend to retreat too much because of avoiding discomfort, rejection and hurt rather than push through them. I’ll get out of my turtle shell eventually! :’)

And social media is a “lurking, sometimes check notifications” basis. I’m not in a good headspace to engage purposefully and healthily with it yet. I know I’ll just get distracted in a negative way and check it too much. Not that I want to actively use it all the time either.

Figuring out my own terms of being.

So consider me ignorant about popular people, industry stuff and events because I care more about knowing people individually than tagging along in groups. Group social things is fine usually…I just really have to be interested, or enjoy the activity, or have food to eat, am able to draw things and it doesn’t murder my wallet for me to attend ;P

Hope to recover this year from my rut and burn out! I really don’t want it to happen again! Working through my boundaries and values. Let’s see how I go trying to work in healthier habits.

Always learning to do better in baby steps <3