Mighty Games: Shooty cat flying the skies! + Charming Runes Character Concepts

“Wee!” – Unused pillowcase design of Shooty Cat from Shooty Skies!

It was too stylised from the usual art style when I did this in 2016 but I still like this very much <3 I printed this out as a gift though!

Consider this as fanart ;D

Charming Runes character concepts of 2017.

More Charming Runes character concepts.

It’s been a while since 2017 so I don’t remember which ones the wonderful Mighty Lead artist, cronobreaker actually made for the game, whoops! I kept it to his art style at least (:

Yes just posting old work I didn’t get around to posting, now that I’m sorting out my portfolio. Ones I’m not as embarrassed to show ;P

In the end, I’m not putting these concepts into my portfolio because I’m not sure about them. :’)