SuperListenMode 266: Power fantasies

SuperListenMode: Power fantasies

Why not? In the entertainment I consume?

I’m not talking about 100% blatantly happy sweet stuff. I’m talking about the journey, mistakes, bad times and ultimately goodwill, kindness, love, fun, acceptance, understanding, willpower, friendships, self care, respect keeps us humbled, resilient and full of hope.

I mean I’m learning and striving for those things in real life too 😉

Just gotta find people who are mutually excited/comfortable to be around me 😛

Yes I’m sappy, this comic can be better and I don’t care ;P

PS: Blocked myself from social media since Thursday. I’ll get back to you when I’m ready somewhere next month. But blog comments welcome ;D I get notified.

After the break, I’ll focus on blog comments where possible and check social media once a week at most. I want to manage it better and get some distance from it by adjusting boundaries again.