BurpDoodle: Piffle launched globally yesterday! ^o^

BurpDoodle: Piffle launched globally yesterday! ^o^

Didn’t work much on this game myself so consider this unofficial fanart in congratulations to the whole hardworking Mighty Piffle team [published by Hipster Whale!] I doodled this back in July for fun :DAnd kudos to the incredible Scott/cronobreak for creating the art and cute character designs! Again, I didn’t make this ;P 
It’s been described by cool peeps as Puzzle Bobble + Neko Astume!

Check it out, support them and have a play:

I don’t think I want to actually wear a onsie.
Maybe it is snug? Like a blanket? Is it flimsy or fluffy strong? I don’t know.
Maybe it feels like becoming a life sized soft toy :0Hopefully the team are getting some good rest and celebrations before continuing more hardwork on more Piffle updates! 😀Art & Comic Patreon | Ko-fi