BurpDoodle: Finally a new 2018 Twitter Avatar

BurpDoodle: Finally a new 2018 Twitter Avatar

Currently having a “good enough”, less gloomy headspace for a more determined, hesitant smiling little me for Twitter :’)

Previous “sad, tense, anxious and pouty” me shall stay as the Facebook one. Because as you know, my interest in facebook is not much there. 😉 I don’t have the gumption to quit it so…yep. I’ll return to lurk, post something if I need to and then leave again…I don’t really enjoy using facebook and consequently don’t connect with people there that consistently well. 🙁

Instagram keeps the watercolour-ish “looking down hopefully and smiling” me.
Because it’s so low investment over there. Aside from my art and comics I don’t really post anything else too personal. But it gets so addictive, distracting and depressing as it’s designed to be as I find myself reaching out to my phone too much so I had to minimise usage. Though Instagram stories is a neat thing! I get to 1 to 1 talk to a close friend or two there!

Social Media Note: I’ve blocked myself from facebook everywhere till late September for now…or indefinitely. And spending less time on instagram and twitter by keeping it to once a week or even once every other week in small sessions. I need some personal space again!

These breaks are a frequent thing. As usual, email and blog comments here below are the best ways to contact me (:

I’m getting better at letting go of the guilt, desire to please and I stopped checking my feed and am striving to not worry about online presence. The next step is to talk about it less ;P It feels good to just blog, make art, post art, engage with people and use social media in moderate, healthy amounts for the positive things (: Maybe there are better ways to connect than social media but I haven’t found something that works for me.

Aye, I’m not feeling 100% with happiness and positivity and that’s okay. Taking my sweet time to accept and work through things in my mind and learning, however long it takes. That’s life, you keep going in spite of all the negative, lonely, resentful, tense, confused and sad feelings. Acknowledging and letting all that go. And cheer others on and cherish the happy and lovely moments in between :’)

I don’t know if and when things will get better. I consider myself lucky to be alive and doing art for a living in spite of the other negative things in my life. I do have a better degree of fulfilment compared to several years ago. It’s definitely up to me to work things out when I’m ready for change and in a better headspace.

I do hope in time that I continue to grow and believe in myself & in the kind friends and people around me. Thanks for bearing with me as I talk about the things I’m dealing with <3 <3

Learning to keep rolling and make the most with what I have with moments of gratitude. Enjoy the rollercoaster process of growing (:

Artwise, there isn’t really a super deep meaning but it just worked out this way with these avatars.

Clearly I don’t care about consistency and branding at the moment aside from the colour choices ;P