SuperListenMode: Why this comic Pt 2

SuperListenMode: Why this comic Part 2

Sure these comics are created way in advance but these descriptions are usually updated as I publish them. :’)

Sometimes I feel better doing these comics as a form of self care.

Other times I need to cut down and not make them if I’m feeling worse.

I put out my feelings/thoughts out there and at worst I just get apathy.
Hey I wouldn’t know how I’m judged when I’m not active and engaging on social media ;P Regardless I appreciate all the ninja likes + glances of acknowledgement. <3

I’m glad you’re getting acquainted with my silly feelings.
That there are people actually reading! Gosh!

Thank you for reading and by extension,
being friends with my feelings too <3

PS: I’ve made enough comics in advance so that it goes until the start of December. From then on, I plan to make them when I’m mostly feeling neutral or positive. Not too much when I’m feeling glum. You’ll see why when December’s comics comes around (:

Edit: I tend to focus too much on negative feelings to make comics and I’m a hermit who doesn’t do much adventures anymore.