SuperListenMode: Creative Rut 2018

SuperListenMode: Creative Rut 2018

Or maybe I’ll just keep learning what seems fun to me :’)
Maybe I shouldn’t limit myself within just “cute” things, as much as it makes me feel warm fuzzies inside and it comes fun and easy to me.

Sometimes I want to do other things…but people still know me by this comic and I can’t seem to find something I don’t mind being terrible at.

Maybe I have to accept cute art is all I do?!

I get so critically harsh with myself. Wrahhh!

Been arm flailing about this for a long time in the past year but it’s part of growing…several months [technically years] of self discovery! It’s been a mix of doing what I thought I should do, testing projects and learning lessons when things aren’t working out. And trying to figure out what’s “fun” and meaningful to me again.

Trial and error and paving my own path. When I’m not excited, interested, learning and I’ve given something a reasonable attempt…I keep looking for other options to try.

Many times I thought I was getting out of this rut and then I fall back into the muddy hole of confusion and lacking direction again :’) I may sound repetitive to you but I’ve been struggling. And this blog island is my place to ramble to the void. You don’t have to read ;P

Learning art is what keeps me going.
I don’t have many other things I’m equally as passionate about.

I don’t know what I want exactly just yet but am pushing through it.

I’m holding onto the hope I can figure it out! I hope!
Keep on acting on things and in time I hope I gain more confidence in myself.

Striving to get better at dealing with failure.
Especially as someone who simplifies life and intensely focuses on a few things at a time. Sometimes I tend to take things too seriously.
I’ll make mistakes and feel sad but hey it’s okay!
That’s part of the process of learning! :’)

And hey sometimes that might mean letting off some steam…
…like through this comic. 😉

And maybe I’m trying too hard to search for purpose and meaning that I’m excited about, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t exist.
Don’t mind me, I’m super existential these days haha

I still believe in learning all the same <3

PS: Just realised 29 subscribers are on my blog email mailing list :0!!
It used to be 2! Regardless, only one friend actually reads and opens them; hello!! ^o^

PPS: Lost, frustrated & stuck in life?
I recommend watching & acting on this talk.
Been in a creative & life rut for the past year or so & this helped me gain some further clarity as I work things out.
Thanks to my art buddy @kristy_kate for linking this! <3