BurpDoodle: Hugs with Love & Kindness

BurpDoodle: Hugs with Love & Kindness

Yes I’ll bring back my favourite CatBlob whenever I need a cute reminder <3
Being loving and kind in everything you do from a genuine place.
Sometimes words aren’t needed.
Hug or be kind to someone important to you today.That includes yourself!

I’m not good at this. I’ll keep learning though.
This self love and confidence thing.
Especially when I’m harsh and critical upon myself with tight and high expectations in life and art I cannot reach. Got to focus on doing my best, forgive my mistakes and take care of myself.

“Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice.” quoting from Jeff Bezos.

I don’t know too much about him though! Digressing.

Being kind and compassionate is much harder, usually inconvenient to you and done regardless whether there’s acknowledgement, gifts or recognition in return. No matter how difficult and harsh people and things may be. No matter who is or isn’t watching. You don’t get tangible rewards for being kind.

It’s done out of the simple feeling of just wanting to do it out of goodwill, trust, love, respect, care and wellbeing. It’s super hard.

When you do though, you just want to help someone in a meaningful way.

It does not mean being a doormat and losing yourself.
It’s not about impressing other people. If this is the case, let go and move on.
Life is too short to care about people who don’t feel the same.
Focus on the people who do. Just love yourself, be kind to yourself and live with the uncertainty, doubts, fears and insecurities, sadness you may have. Forgive yourself with love.

Do what you feel is important to you to be the best self you can be.

All are just reminders to myself from the things I’ve been reading :’)

Got to remember life worth living isn’t easy and it’s a constant fight and juggle to keep what’s most important [family, friends, relationships, career, hobbies, business, health, self care, finances, learning, so on] to you close to your heart.We’re all doing the best we can.

We work things out as they come.
So hey do remember to be kind and loving with yourself and consequently with the people around you. You’re doing great. <3Stay beautifully kind from a genuine place.

Gosh to have people to hug, love and talk with and be there for each other whenever you want is a rare thing. Sigh. I’m mushy and sentimental :’)