BurpDoodle: There’s Batman in all of us / LEGO Batman movie

BurpDoodle: There’s Batman in all of us

Finally saw the movie a while back; super entertaining and packed with references that went over my head.
But I’ve been a homebody lone wolf plenty so I related to Batman :’)

I relate to Batman’s “I work as a homebody lone wolf” lifestyle thing in a preemptive defense of getting emotionally hurt in some regards.
I’m selfish in my little world and I love solitary moments to recover. I’m still learning to self love and am learning at art and life.
How I don’t know what people want 100% unless they tell me their expectations and boundaries clearly and directly – communication and respect!! That often happens when you know someone well enough though. Usually I assume that people want personal space like I would, or people would let me know if they need something, or if I’ve done something wrong, or I’m just too ignorant or unable to help.Hey I won’t offer to help if I don’t want to or unable to ;P

I’m ignorant :’)

As I’ve said countless times, social media doesn’t fully cut it for good human bonding. Plus I don’t usually initiate catch ups as I’m a coward and it’s not really a habit for me thanks to my low social energy levels. I assume people are too busy for little me. Well unless it’s an established, regular thing between us! ^o^
I just want a small circle of good kind friends. :’)So I’m not exactly like Batman!
He’s rich and has influence while I’m just getting by under the radar haha

I’m not sure if the movie is depicting the homebody lifestyle as a necessarily bad thing but what it does do is to emphasise the goodness, meaning and gratitude you get from the people you grow, share things and get close with.Family are the people you choose to love, respect and get close with (:

Honestly I need a lot of work in this area because I don’t have many close friends. I strive to be better. Perhaps I’m connecting with people in a small way through my art and comics. <3