BurpDoodle: HyenaBuns!

BurpDoodle: HyenaBuns! 

Here’s my new little character HyenaBuns!
I designed them ages ago [yes before Aggretsuko released and knowing that lovely Haida existed ;P ].I’m hiding this second doodle here but I’ve done some cute animal designs since late last year…majority didn’t work out. Oh the struggles of design…and my own inner critic. But there’s some I really liked and didn’t want to let go. So I’ve re-purposed them and am finally showing bits of them here and there (:

Been a struggle as creature/animal design was one of the things I was attempting as I figure out my rut and for work. I did learn a bit more about animal anatomy. But it’s another lifelong learning journey if I wanted to dive deep and commit into that. I know I drew a lot of cats and other creatures. I was having fun learning about it and drawing cute things but it has also been hard.

What do I do with this knowledge in my personal work?!
It’s not for me to fully commit to as “my thing” in the long term. It started becoming something that I felt was expected from me rather than what I wanted to do. It was time to move on. I’ll get back to it when I feel like it or when I need to do it ;P

Not saying I’ll never draw animals again of course but life is too short! I’m keen to get back to learning about animal and creature design after I get my other learning priorities out of the way. SO MUCH TO LEARN!! Newbie, I am indeed.
I’ll do it once I learn the things I want to learn first! ^o^

Also learning it whenever I need to apply it every now and again.

Hey, they’re super fun and cute to draw when I do it my way ;D