SuperListenMode 215: 1st time learning Solo Jazz/Charleston

SuperListenMode: 1st time learning Solo Jazz/Charleston

Was super nervous at my first dance class several months ago. Usually I was avoiding eye contact when we were doing partnered dancing as I was super focused on learning, remembering all the different new moves, trying out moves and getting my own rhythm instead. Sweet music to get lost into & enjoyed being able to do solo moves, do what I want and own my mistakes without affecting anyone else that much.

It was a super workout in the end when we finished at music with 200 beats a minute tempo whoa! :0

I learned to just enjoy dancing by myself,
dance along with someone else while we have our own respective moves,
switching partners all the time [it took away the social pressure],
the joys of wavy flailing arms,
expressing how I interpret the music
and letting go of being self conscious about what my body is doing or how silly I may look. :’)