SuperListenMode 213: Improv Class Episode 3

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 3

I felt better with newbie scenes…here’s some of the silly things I said during class 3. I was really nervous and stumped on what I could say…eep! Was actually considering quitting leading up to it.

Was a bit more expressive, silly and learning to not care too much.
But I was still scared about volunteering too early and ended up not participating that much – oh inhibitions. And didn’t really socialise that much during the break…but it wasn’t as exhausting as the previous class!

Noted that when you’re doing this, you should embrace the mindset of having fun and let go of anxiety and dread. To think about other people you’re engaging with instead, outside of your own mind. Also one should not do one liner jokes otherwise teammates get stranded in what to do next in a scene.

Had to remind myself that I was doing this for self confidence, character building in terms of being able to pretend to be all sorts of things, to be silly, to converse/talk without judgement and overthinking…not sure if I’m there yet at the time :< But I didn’t feel as terrible afterwards.

And my glasses is the thing that people recognise me by…hm!!
But they’re not my glasses anymore ;D

PS: Oh thank you so much for the encouraging support! It’s pretty much me flailing at life and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
Just note that these are comics documenting my experiences from 2-3 months ago :’) I realised I’m not that passionate to keep going and investing intense classes on Monday nights.