SuperListenMode 212: Improv Class Episode 2

SuperListenMode: Improv Class Episode 2

Where I realise it’s getting harder. We actually have to make up lines, conversations and scenes and imaginary gifts!! Our brains melted from making up things :’) I drank SO much water gosh! There were topics I noted like politics and sexually explicit things I was avoiding too :S

The listed games are not in any order or rank – it’s just games that came to mind ;P It was here where I just knew I don’t want to be an actor…I’m too attached to reacting as Leonie, not as spontaneous character Number 345! I’m stumped on this! Not that I was learning this to act!

My comfort zone is definitely getting pushed haha

As much as I dreaded redoing a scene from the start, people were positive, understanding and supportive! We’re all doing our best :’)

Afterthoughts: This is where aside from the intensity, I felt like I insulted people or felt uncomfortable with some topics :’) I guess this is why I’m quiet or I ramble too much about things people don’t care about ;P