SuperListenMode 211: My 1st Improv Class

SuperListenMode: My 1st Improv Class 

I started classes in February for several weeks because I wanted to meet more people & get out of my mind more,
embrace social mistakes/failures,
not overthink about possibilities
and making things up on the spot.

Just get better at facing the fears rather than avoid it.
It’s like Primary School but with Adults ;D
Except there were a few things like eye contact and personal space I have inhibitions with…I did these comics right after the lessons actually :’)

Yes that’s my fetal position pose that represents me for one of those “get to know you” icebreaker games. Most people made themselves bigger and awesome for their alliteration names so I just expressed how I felt inside…I felt small, embarrassed and out of my comfort zone :<

But hey, everyone in the class had to do it too with me mwahaha