SuperListenMode 203: Recreational guilt

SuperListenMode: Recreational guilt

I feel guilty at times that I’m relaxing and doing some self care away from art but I’m getting better at allowing myself to just enjoy the other parts of life. 😀


Sometimes I don’t enjoy recreation & moments of much needed rest and recovery when I feel like I could be doing art :’) The guilt! Oh noes!
Consequently I just watch, read and learn about things instead!

Other times, I just fall into an existential crisis. Why am I doing things? Why should I bother do anything? Just chill, zone out and think about things and my mixed feelings.

Consequently recreational shenanigans is a welcome distraction for a while.
Do art or non-art things I enjoy! ^o^

Hey I’m making myself take a day off per week at least!

…How do you be a hoomin? :0
How does one have a balanced life? Haha