BurpDoodle for NieR:Automata: 9S & 2B & Emil

BurpDoodle for NieR:Automata: 9S & 2B & Emil

I played and finished at least all 5 core endings earlier in the year, watched 2 different people play through the game too, read as much heavy spoilery canon lore as I could, read and listened to the post game concert readings, YoRHa stage play, short stories, the Heavy Spoiler Dinner Talk Show, refreshed myself on NieR [I have already watched a whole let’s play before Automata came out], Drakengard 1 to 3 and consequently I feel a deep, complex sense of sadness and am left questioning on what it means to live, love, die, to be human and to have memories. Existentialism the game.

I had to give in and played on easy mode late into my 1st playthrough or I would have completely killed my hands and arms playing. It’s not perfect as a game as there were some unnecessarily frustrating bits and some tedious parts but overall the good definitely outweigh them. The complex multi levels of storytelling and incredible world building, how most of the game design that cleverly supports the storytelling, dark themes in the side quests too, and the melancholic, beautiful music and audio design was what made it memorable with a heavy weight of heartache and meaning. 9S is such a great character. Seeing everything with Emil again from NieR was bittersweet too.

It wasn’t a game that made me cry but I was definitely emotional.
I am so glad I played this game. I played for the storytelling and got so, so much out of it.
I’m still thinking a lot about it months later.

I’ve been watching all the videos and lore I could find.
Gosh my heavy heart <3

PS If you plan to play NieR:Automata:

I recommend MrClemps’ NieR and Drakengard summary/analysis videos BEFORE playing NieR:Automata! For the full story experience. It made it more worth it for me. Oh of course don’t watch his spoilery NieR: Automata videos in case you’re watching from this above linked playlist. The youtube playlist includes it so watch out!

Ideally do watch a let’s play of NieR for the better experience beforehand but not a must. ^_^ It’s long but I highly recommend you do. I personally watched the Best Friend’s playthrough here.

IF you have finished Ending E for NieR:Automata…and you want that full experience of the lore:
See this NieR:Automata wiki for post game lore and go DEEP ;D
There is A LOT to read. It took me a few weeks to a month to digest but it was worth it for me. <3

There’s also SuperBunnyHop and other content creators who’ve done NieR analysis videos – even Extra Credits had an episode! But don’t watch them yet!

Spoilers ;D