SuperListenMode 204: The other side of Super Listen Mode

SuperListenMode: The other side of Super Listen Mode

I don’t mean to make anyone uncomfortable when I’m intense, quiet and listening :<

I just don’t have anything to say when this happens…it’s okay. It’s not your fault.
I’m bad at keeping conversations going…
I’m not thinking about the next thing to say during these times; I’m just listening to you, thinking over what you’ve said, in the present moment.

I say this because it gets awkward when the other person looks at me & expects me to react or say something. I’m just listening though :’) Sometimes I exaggerate my feelings and respond to make sure I acknowledge and appreciate them but sometimes I don’t have the energy or natural inclination to.

Yes I’m probably overthinking it and people don’t actually care, the usual ;P

Still. I know you’re just standing there observing my terrible attempts to connect with you :’) Thank you for accepting my weirdness.