2015#12 You don’t get it. Adventure is not just “out there”.

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

I killed my Other Hermit Burp Adventuuures section.
Goodbye little extra section. Goodbye counting weeks.Goodbye.


We had a good run together.

Hello counting months. 😀

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

 Words Left unsaid


Year 2, Month 8 (5th Aug to 1st Sep)


Leonie Yue’s Sketchbook

Rain and the Fake Bird
Some Xenoblade Chronicles Fanart since it’s now going to be on the WiiU (eShop) in its original HD form. And my bro is a huge fan of this dude.
These are posted for those who don’t follow my Twitter as this was made last month. Doodled for Splatfest in August; South Pole Team!
Oh my MiiVerse Profile lives here.
I earned the Champ ranking/title and I’m happy with it 😀
Styling Gurl Study; “Mwah~!” 
Photo study and exploring here. There are many things that bug me but I delete my file once time is up so “Next time, Gadget! Next time!!” I’m learning haha
“You knew all along.”
Photo studies continues as I keep trying things!
Hey someone’s been watching all of Chrono Trigger gameplay again. I just wanted to draw her because of her intelligence, resourcefulness & nerdiness. There are many other cool characters in the game of course (:
Hey it’s a Doodle of Lucca again 😀
Commander Frost! Photo study from people who provide & sell amazing cosplay gear. I swapped in an eye patch and hello noodle hair.
Another Photo/Art Study; I don’t know what I’m doing
Mooshing with shapes & colour with this timed quick study.
“I like what I see.”
Photo study and more experimenting.




Hermit Burp Adventuuures: Adventure is not out there. Adventure lives within.

I agree with this as adventure stems from whatever that intrinsically drives you to do it.Seeking adventure involves exploration, learning, having fun, playing, experimenting, remaining curious & interested, venturing out, seeking experiences & questioning things.


For many to experience their vision of “Adventure”, they are most driven by getting physically out there, traveling around the world, meeting loads of people of different cultures and backgrounds, experiencing a lot of location and/or time specific moments and doing things beyond their daily routine kind of life. They seek external things such as places, people, events, extra-curricular activities to keep excitement & spontaneity in their lives.

I have no doubt that it potentially becomes a life of exploration and vast life-changing experiences and insights beyond home.

For me (and I’m probably not alone in this), this is all a form of Adventure I’ll hope to have someday as a bonus in life and when I’m financially able. Preferably do it together with a couple of special people with some leeway for solo exploration!

Keen to push that Hermit comfort zone and my little well of personal experiences! But as I mentioned in past posts, it’s not a priority for me during this stage of my life especially when I’m focused and driven by Adventuring as seen right here this blog firstmost. 😀

Feeling at home is very important to me as I make art (yes I’m a Hermit but I don’t literally mean I have to be physically be at home haha).

I personally find the most satisfying kind of Adventure when I explore arting, learning how to talk and interact with people despite being limited to my hermit cave (HEY, hello you) as I keep building my career. This is essentially why I’ve been able to keep going. 😀

Hey it might sound boring, simplistic and mundane to you which is why it’s not for everybody. Plus even shopping for things/clothes or eating out is a special one-off event for little Frugal Hermit me. They’re are supposed to be normal things people do. Well. It’s not for me. I’m more of a Whoa, I’m outside :0
And as you know, I have a walking/standing issue right now so I have to be even more selective with outings.

So imagine if I actually did what most people consider as exciting things! I will be mind blown! 😀

My point is, Adventure is how you define it. Of course it’s not about doing the exact same thing daily (no growth and/or exploration is happening) but it doesn’t have to be forcing extreme experiences into your life either.

What do you want to explore?
What and/or who are you curious about?
What do you want to experience?
What’s really important to you?
What makes you enthusiastic, energised & forget that time existed?

You probably have a strong inkling already.

Well what are you waiting for??

Whether it’s an internal mental hurdle or something external/out there.
Whether it’s nearby or on the other side of the world.
Whether it’s something you need to keep doing many, many times before you find yourself feeling at ease or it’s something you’d only do once in a lifetime.
Whether it’s just something fun on the side or you’d like to expand what you do for a living.

Go for it.

Get Adventuuuring 😀
Health update: Mystery Files? 
Gosh, doctors not knowing what’s causing my swelling/pain continues haha

6 weeks now. I celebrated too early last time; turns out I still need to prop up my legs as in 1-2 days I feel my feet flaring up with heat, dull ache, stinging and swelling if I let gravity take control of my circulation too long and sit properly. Something’s up with my arteries to my feet or something…but reasons still unknown.

Been using one crutch and it’s been a frustrating time as I keep getting unhelpful grief and pressure due to me being a “burden”. Things like how I walk too slow and no one wants to wait for me anymore.

Makes me cherish much more how it used to be when I could walk like a normal person. Fears such as abandonment start coming up as I wonder if I can do things like the average person again. The external pressure I get drives me up the wall occasionally but I know it’s out of my control so hey, I’ll keep focusing on what can do. (:

Since the radioactive, potentially organ damaging CT scan idea was cancelled, an artery focused ultrasound scan was done on my legs instead as the investigation continues (cold jelly included).

I’m getting to a point where I’ve missed out on a handful of things I’ve wanted to go to but didn’t because I didn’t want to push it. Gosh, lots of contemplation on how to adapt to my situation and whether I should fight my way to do these things; something I need to ask the hospital doctor about. >:

I’m determined to go to things given that I can make it happen with my tortoise pace and that there’s a place for me to sit and prop up my legs. That said, I don’t know how to explain what’s happened to me that’s short and sweet.

Pain & Swelling/Inflammation in my feet if I don’t elevate and rest them often? Cause unknown? Something like that? D:

Yes, I think you can feel my frustration on your end by now haha
But hey, life keeps moving on.

I really appreciate your well wishes however; thank you!
I hope I get better eventually!

The past two weeks: pizza & garlic bread!
So aside from Health shenanigans, I’m doing the final stage of a project this month and then I’ll keep learning and doing projects of my own 😀

I mean the collection of art in the past month already involves me trying things so…I guess I’m stating the obvious!

I was treated to some take away pizza, garlic bread, parma & gracious fries. I was so happy haha

It’s going to be a crazy month of September but I’ll let you figure out why as it comes 😉

Thanks for reading! Keep adventuuuring you!

Hey you awesome individual. You got this far!! :0

See you in two weeks at the Burpcast!  (: