HermitBurpcast#09 Dear Aspiring Artist

Ensure you get more perspectives! Getting some Hot Pink here

Welcome! I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast.

(1 hour and 10 minutes)

Show notes for Hermit Burpcast #9:

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  • Introduction/What’s going on this past month
    • My new YouTube show BurpTalk (see image below)
    • Monetising YouTube Channel Experiment (Transparency ahoy)
    • Side thought on Patreon & Money (scrap putting ads on YouTube altogether?)
    • We’re a small classroom now! 😀
  • Leonie Talks about Games is gone! Instead there’s this:
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  • Main Topic: Dear Aspiring Artist 
    • On the word “aspiring
    • Q1: How/Did you break into the industry? 
      • Let’s talk about Feelings
      • Am I in the industry?
      • What is “making it”/”breaking in”?
      • First job ever?
      • Who actually knows you?
      • Ensure you get more perspectives & Climbing Ladders
      • Learning and doing things
    • Q2: Finding connections in the concept art/visual development industry? 
      • Disclaimer
      • Reach out
      • Friendly Fwends
      • Big Dreams & Target places to work
      • Who are you with?
    • Q3: How hard is it to find work? And stay in the industry? 
      • Everything the light touches is our competition; haha
      • Get Good
      • How difficult?
      • On Quitting & Winding Paths
      • Creative Career choices revisit – this was last time
      • Things in People that personally inspire me *
      • Making a living from your art?
      • Easy? The Magic Answer?
      • Are you prepared?
      • Ask yourself things
    • It’s not impossible: Pew pew? Final Thoughts
Got Questions/Responses for the Burpcast?
Thanks so much for listening!
See you in *three* weeks for the next blog post! (: