Y1W12 “The Birds are his Children” + A Timelapse and Doodles

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! My online home? (:

In this post: Back to learning while the Save my Tribe project…shall probably do it bit by bit as I juggle.

Let’s go ! Journal Time.

Save My Tribe Project: Further Development; kept changing his nose. Much improvement needed but it’s a bit of progress I guess! See timelapse video below!

Year 1, Week 12 (2nd to 8th Apr)

  • People Drawing: learning once again from others that my glossy drawing pad is too small. Amused.

I tend to forget I need to do more fast gestures…!

And I need to slow down without the feathery sketchy lines. Ah so much to work on.From now on, this “People Drawing” dot point is now a combination of my train adventuuures, Derp’s Doodle for the Day pieces and people watching doodles else I’ll have too many tags and dot points to worry about…Don’t worry, it’ll be in chronological order and I’ll caption things more for silly commentary for some context (:

Crazy arms!
Sorry bottom…I made you too small.
Very uncomfortable
I mean his head is huge.
Train peeps and people sucked in looking at unhappy puppies
More people heads
Those gulls aren’t people. What are they doing here.
Federation square people and some train passengers…a trend of profile angles here.
Well I don’t get caught drawing them that way!
Lunch times
Just hanging around
These guys were huge and in real 3D so I drew them.
Listened to his conversation talk. He
had some deep harsh lighting upon him. Very passionate on animation and
inspiring gentleman who kept persevering in all sorts of roles.
He has a
really unique home too!
  • Save My Tribe: My first badly recorded timelapse of the colouring and rendering stage of the Character Sheet above. It’s nowhere near a tutorial, I assure you. It’s more of a livestream test.
  • Position: Vacant: figuring out how to use Encore to make a DVD including menu and buttons…! Appreciated Tonko’s DVDs. It’s not as hard as I first thought if I were to just do something rudimentary.
  • New Projects: yes, I’m starting another personal project or two so I can juggle between Save my Tribe and this one. One of them is a struggle as it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone. A good thing!
  • Character Design doodling: started doing this when I had the time. For the one below, I just painted odd shapes just to see what comes out so there was no planning at all here; a fun exercise! Tremendously dark now that I look at this! Her character only emerged further when I happened to be listening to the different kinds of Deaths we all experience from Jeanine Staples. Might do the other three. Oh nonsensical hair and costume.
“She whispers what you lack; each time you die a little Everyday.” 
  • Anatomy study: finally! Some practice and learning; I think learning and studying is one of the top things I enjoy doing. I keep wanting to go back to it whenever I’m not doing it.
  • Figure/gesture drawing: digital ones
I don’t like most of these practice doodles.

Other Adventures: 

  • Games (watching): Yakuza 4, Garry’s Mod Murder, Prop Hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mercenary Kings, Mario Kart 8 trailer (look at that awesome Rainbow Road course!!)
  • AIE brief visit: had an errand but it was great to say hello after 4 months!
  • Listened in to an incredible artist talk: I drew but not showing it here. No regrets in making a fool of myself; it was very inspiring and good to see familiar faces.
How to Train your Dragon’s Toothless I was drawing as I waited
  • Mario Kart Wii (played): It’s been years since I’ve played this with my brother and all the nostalgia of all the summer holidays spent playing this online and with my brother came back. The joking insults and name calling, yelling and noises of frustration and triumph, amazing leaps, falling off the course, blue shells, the “fat” Rosalina, bad driving, strategic use of items and fun chaos all happened again in the short playing session I had. Ah memories.
  • Lessons on Backing up Computer files: I had a scare when I couldn’t access my external drives and went through some time consuming attempts to get my data back; I even put my drive in the fridge so that it cools down. Based on my own research and friends’ suggestions, make sure you only use external drives as your back up device. Back up everywhere. You might be like how I used to be and choose to ignore this advice, fair enough.

Essentially what I’m hoping to do is to have all my files on my internal hard drive (why didn’t I do this already?!), have frequently accessed art/admin files on free versions of cloud storage (what I’ve been doing) and all my personal and/or bigger files constantly backed up through a rotational back up system through 2-3 external hard drives. It’s been very time consuming to manually copy things over at first (back up software not in built). Burn off anything you won’t use on CD or DVD (I’ll do this one eventually when time allows)?

I did not think it would come to this but it has! I need to make sure my external hard drives are okay, ever since the drives didn’t even register on my computer. Watch out for the health of your drives too; they won’t last forever, probably 2-5 years apparently.

  • Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct: Welcome all the changes they’re making!  And interesting beauty mole on Zero suit lady. And Little Mac! And transformations are split now! New game modes! There’s always going to be unhappy people on what characters aren’t in or are in the game but I’m more focused on whether I’m going to be engaged and have fun with the game. Sure it has bells and whistles but Brawl was kind of a disappointment for me.

As such, I wasn’t really exactly at a state of hype for these two games but it seems like they’ve really thought things through with multiplayer based off from Brawl’s shortcomings and between the 3DS and WiiU versions here. Looking forward to have fun at it and losing to my brother all the time. Yes.

The only Pokemon game I’ve ever played properly was Pokemon Red on my Gameboy Color (before someone murdered my game) so I am very out of touch with all of the recent <700 pokemon out now. But when Charizard was announced as a playable fighter, the little kid inside started yelling in surprise and joy, “Aw YUSSSSSSS!!!!” and replayed that CG cutscene a few more times. I am terribly biased towards dragons and Charizard was and is my one and only favourite and coolest childhood Pokemon throughout my Red version adventures.
Anyway, I am certainly more interested in these two games now. (:
Ah games and animated films! I enjoy both! I need to start expanding into watching more films too however!

Reflection for the Week

Thoughts on this Blog 
I mentioned this over at facebook and probably in past posts but for those who don’t go to facebook, for every subsequent post, for some reason I like to treat it like a new beginning with zero readers to a few reading friends. In reality, I know it’s not just one or two people at least but I’m going to keep pretending.Yes I am weird. I keep hanging onto this notion stubbornly and visualising this as my little personal blog island (it’s my starting tagline for every post even). This is where I ramble away on my life and progress as if I was talking to a good friend as I don’t do that as well through conversation. It kind of reflects how in person, I prefer to spend time with one or a few select people rather than an overwhelming and stimulating group of people all at once, perhaps?

Hey, I guess you’re visiting this little island on the pretense that I’m only talking to you haha. Shh, just humour me and play along.

I am certainly in denial that people would read or find use in this. It might be a good thing because whenever I get someone (even if these few people have already established that they regularly read it sometimes) who mentions my blog I’m always pleasantly surprised, happier and am grateful (probably with a Derp smile on my face). This way, I don’t really worry about what people think of me too much as I’m just being myself as I write.

Just understand that I’m willingly in the phase of happy denial indefinitely. It not about how many people read this but the fact that people I know read this. (:
Ah the silly overthinking Derp.

Arm Strain

Yes my arm is making cracking air popping noises but I assure you I have been exercising daily since last week. I just need to watch out if I hunch my back while sitting and train myself out of it.
Hey you. Take care of yourself.Facebook pages versus Derp. Derp Loses.
Shameful of me, but I had to un-publish my Facebook page; just didn’t work out. The Derp’s Doodle for the Day stuff won’t be posted individually on Facebook after all unlike my sketch tumblr and twitter (not sure about instagram) but you’d all get a week’s collection packed into a blog post anyway. Social media is fiddly but as always, this blog has always been the home for everything.

Dreamworks Designing Dreams Winners
Just go look at their amazing stuff and animation! I don’t know most of them but I’m happy for all of them. Very happy I had a go at it as it made me pump out the beginning of a project (look at Save my Tribe) as I knew from the very beginning I won’t win (sure I’m repetitive in saying this but I was being practical and realistic, not about “self fulfilling prophecy” as my old English teacher kept insisting when he was lecturing me about getting more self confidence for the final exams).
I’m also very glad about this for some reason. There is something wrong with me.
Ah well I’m content with the Dreamworks talks and workshop to come (at the time of writing)! Huzzah!

Journey so Far
More resolve and got kind advice on what I’m doing which reinforced everything, I just need to keep at it. Simply put, just make awesome work and put it out there. I’ve heard and talked about this kind, simple and direct advice countless amounts of times over the years but it doesn’t hurt to get reminded and pushed! Dash away the doubts as usual, remember? Go for it!I’m doomed to keep doing this, aren’t I? Bring it.

Hope to do more sketchy Character doodles this month but studies are my first priority…
let’s wait and see how that goes!

Until next time, Leonie