Week 43 Clashing swords with both RSI and drawing. Let the Art Camp begin with painting studies (take two)!

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:

Weekly updates are actually back!! The pain hasn’t completely gone away though.

In this post: Starting take 2 of (NAC from now on), brief visit to the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and a full PV screening review.

Woo! Let’s go! Journal Time.

*Swoosh swoosh! Cling!!* I guess I’m not shy of expressing sound effects now. This might be a problem for you.

6th Wed: loads of rest and drawing

  • Arm Strain update: it’s still slightly sore so I’ve been careful to not draw too long. Don’t worry! Basically, it’s now a cycle of:
    • 1) draw
    • 2) ow it’s getting sore
    • 3) stop drawing and do other things till it’s not painful
    • 4) repeat
    • It’s a nursing and waiting game.
  • (NAC) week 1: am going to do this properly this time as PV took over during the first time this camp took place! I didn’t get finish Week 1 last time so let’s see how far I can go. I’m not going to review this camp until I’ve gone through the whole thing myself however; am reserving my judgement. But! You can be sneaky and watch what I do for homework, we’re all always learning. Come along! (:
Week 1 Compositional Studies 1 to 4: They’re all from June except their doubles, I did those yesterday to see how I’m going to approach it the second time. And I’m rusty.
5 to 8 from June, so these are old. But look it my new cute little signature egg!
9 to 12 from June
13 to 16 from June
17 to 20 from June, 7 minutes each.
Compositional studies 20 to 25 I did on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Note any differences in approach? Whoops…it was probably 10 to 20 minutes each.
  • Small sketch meet with a friend: but we didn’t have a plan on what the focus was. He suggested that we go to the fancy NGV gallery with the fountains and waterfall (not the one at Federation Square; am not making that mistake again!)

It was an abrupt hot and dry day (oh, Melbourne) so air con at the gallery was greatly appreciated and it was here where I was able to fully explore more of the levels of this gallery. Noted there was some renovations going on. A lot of wondering around! Aimed to do some drawing with only my biro and my stash of half used photocopy paper but didn’t get far. It was still a good little afternoon outing!

I could only draw this one biro sketch before my arm screamed for rest. Found myself sitting on a farting sofa too whenever I moved in my seat. Could no longer draw for the day so I had to stop and resort to taking bad quality camera photos with embarrassingly loud snapshot sound effects in contrast to the quietness of the gallery. Had to act cool and pretend that the loud snapshot sounds from my dodgy phone were non existent. Yeeep, “smooth”. The photo shown here however is taken with my Nexus camera…it’s not the best but it’s sooo much better quality! (someday SDLR camera? Ha. My wishlist is essentially expensive equipment I can’t afford yet.)
  • NAC week 1: Fiddling with my file as I nurse my laptop’s temperature levels against the hot day

7th Thur: Reviews and train drawing

  • Train adventuuures is BACK! well not in full force as I could only do one full drawing before my arm needed rest but it’s something! (:
He woke up and left. Ah well. Gave him facial surgery instead.
I finally drew someone on the train after so long! And then my arm told me to stop drawing by being sore for the rest of the day. You did well right arm; baby steps.
  • NAC week 1: Collected some master paintings based on the names I got from my NGV visit
  • PV Post mortem/review: wrote and typed up the minutes from the feedback but most of it won’t be actioned as the team has moved on and no longer wants to work on polishing and re-rendering the film.

There was so much to nitpick on the film…it’s hard for me to un-see them! Still, there are a few top priorities to be dealt with over the next few weeks before screenings can happen so (the remaining two of) the team will still have a few loose ends to deal with. Could not help out myself as heavy mouse usage is required and I have to avoid this and take things slow.

  • NAC week 1: First fun discussion session and hearing people’s voices plus planes! Arm still sore so I just rested it for the day.

8th Fri to 10th Sun: wonderful world of colour & soreness

  • Life shenanigans: and I also don’t understand my laptop’s temperature levels
  • NAC week 1: after some constant arm nursing and very, very long periods of resting, I fit in some compositional studies and colour! Colour studies are taking me so long! I’ve also got a list of Masters’ paintings I have to collect…do it some other day as I’ve got a whole lot already organised for me.
Composition studies 26-29; Colour ones 1-4. So…many figures to deal with. I keep thinking for the last one that the gentleman is pondering hard about the size of her voluminous dress and what to say about it.
Colour 5 to 8; Composition 30 to 33
I’m all over the place. Colour 18 to 22; Composition 43 to 47
  • Thanks to the Kirby 20th Anniversary Dream Collection Soundtrack playing, I sneaked in this simple spontaneous doodle. I feel like I’m going to be judged for still enjoying many (not all) of the Kirby games…but who cares. I have fun playing them. (: I don’t do much fanart nowadays…sort of lost interest and lost most of the fun in making them. This realisation used to be a surprise to me as with many artists, I began drawing as an occasional hobbyist who did fanart just for fun and as an outlet.
Not sneaky at all. Nope. This was “homework”…yes. Don’t you shake your head at me. Flying would be so grand on a cartoon star. Probably too dangerous though.
  • Some discussion going on about what makes stories scary…kids with creepy masks came up so this was made. Yes somewhat influenced by a popular TV show that has the quote, “Are you my mummy?” as well as countless other thriller movies with scary kids in them.
C O M E  C O M E  C O M E  C O M E  C O M E  C O–

11th Mon: (My arm’s) Still Alive

  • NAC week 1: Collecting some more Master paintings and finishing off what I can with the studies. Doing this all day is too much; it’s best done by the divide and conquer method.
Colour 9 to 12; Composition 34 to 48. Ignore the brain dump at the side.
Colour 13 to 17; Composition 39 to 43
Colour 23 to 26; Composition 48 to 51

12th Tues: no escape from reality…(RSI)

  • NAC week 1: Master Study choices…and started on one.
  • Arm strain update: Well my left arm is sore a bit now. My dominant arm however is doing alright as I’m taking it a bit more easy today to give it some rest. Researching into prevention and treatment again but this time, my focus is how I use and hold the pen and how to not make it worse.

Regular gyro powerball use works the arm muscles definitely but I had to be mindful of the resistance. Stumbled on some articles on tumblr that are relevant so I’ve reblogged them on my fun blog (it’s where I occasionally post and re-blog things I find on my internet adventures).

In one of these links above, it talks more about how you’re holding your pen, not just about undertaking regular full body exercise, arm stretches, breaks away from the computer, ensuring that you don’t have a hunched posture and the ergonomics of your workstation that I’ve read about. There’s also drummer exercise videos to look into!


Reflection for the Week


Other Adventures first: watching games and listening about the universe

  • Telltale games’ The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 is riveting storytelling right there; can’t wait to watch the next episodes!
  • Witnessed unwillingly the horror of recent sonic the hedgehog games. Saw glimpses of Ending C for Grand Theft Auto 5 and the start of Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Saw bits of The Screecher (a mod) and Skyscraper Simulator. Why? They’re not my cup of tea in terms of games but I’ve always been a curious one with an open mind.
  • Because I quit the game early last week, now my bro keeps asking me how to move forward as he plays Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.
  • hearing Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss and nitpick the movie Gravity was hilarious (I was able to watch the movie in an actual cinema, thanks to and grateful to a few kind people several weeks back). Then he talks about the wondrous concept of infinity, relativity, quantum physics, seat belts + physics, how optical illusions should be called “brain failures”, how we define “smart” relative to humans versus other lifeforms and the possibilities of the expansive universe. (: Ah, the mysterious unknown.
  • Watching through Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies…Ridiculous but somewhat an entertaining visual novel so far. Some things are too corny and felt dragged out though than usual and that’s just the first case.
  • Game Theory’s Majora’s Mask video made me recall how brilliant, symbolic, mature, different a game it was from the rest. My nostalgic favourites are still The Wind Waker plus Link’s Awakening, the rest kind of follow and then lastly my least favourite Zelda game (which shall not be named). Geeking out on Zelda! Keeping my expectations neutral for the upcoming one (A Link between Worlds).
  • Coming across Katsuya Terada’s Zelda art again was wonderful. A more “child forced to be mature” kind of Link. (:

Art learning:

  • NAC continues, it’s just week 1 and there’s much homework to do. I’m nursing my arm so I’m just doing what I can instead of all of the homework. I don’t want to make it worse like I did when this all began!
  • I think I’m generally more optimistic again now that I’m not abstaining from drawing (see the past 2 restless months of posts). Sure, it’s sore every now and again if I use my arm too much or long but I’m finally drawing again somewhat. Makes me appreciate my arm and the time I have much more. (:

Reminder that if you just want a selective art feed because you that have no time to read my little blog here, you can simply follow my public updates on twitter, facebook or tumblr. Still, mind that you won’t get all the special ramblings timely extras you get here *cough*.

Saying thanks again to the small handful of kind friends who read my posts! Have to keep letting you know that I always appreciate it and your time. So glad that I have some progress to show again (:

Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below! (:

Until next time, Leonie