Week 44 Ominous Buildings, Mr One Legged Pirate Bird and Picnics

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo! (:
Double 4s means double death according to my heritage’s cultural superstitions; there’s nothing fatal here though. Just me trying to ease myself back into drawing as RSI is still going on.

In this post: Week 2 of the Art Camp (NAC), PV Matte Painting and an overloaded BBQ Picnic.

Let’s go! Journal Time.

13th Wed: painting in small amounts

  • NAC week 1: Master study continued…slowly.
  • NAC week 1: collecting paintings
  • Got myself Coolorus for easier colour picking but note there are free alternatives out there!

14th Thur: got myself lost with an ice cream truck

  • Train drawing adventuuures: Didn’t get far drawing with my arm but as always it’s something!
  • Figure drawing adventuuures: did a bit of gestures and some longer poses…ran out of room. It could always be better though it’s been a while since I did these due to my break from drawing.
  • PV semi meeting: discussion about what needs to be done for the screening version of the film with team members that were present; shall start work tomorrow! I have nitpicked it and gathered feedback as much as I could; all that’s left is action and animation feedback.
  • Concept Art/Visual Development Research presentation: I did my talk about the different approaches out there with a slideshow of cool artists’ work and apparently I was exactly 14:59 minutes in duration. Whoa. That was longer than I thought. It’s not a particularly exciting or interesting topic because it wasn’t a new area of learning for me but I did what I had to do. I practiced it several weeks ago but I didn’t rehearse for it recently.
  • Popped in at the 2013 RMIT Animation and Interactive Media Graduates Exhibition Night, “Ocular Concoction“.

I got real lost for 40 minutes as I realised that my tablet’s previously saved offline maps were useless — the public transport journey planner website told me to go to an entirely different quiet street. As a result, I found myself in the company of a quiet area with a mechanics’ place on one side of the small road with an ice cream truck tailing me on the other for a while and a curved road ahead of me with dense trees and concrete pathways transforming into gravel tracks. I stopped and fumbled with my tablet, very confused as the ice cream truck decided to park itself facing towards me. No I don’t want ice cream, I’m lost right now.

Upon realising that this wasn’t the place and that I’m late, I quickly left and headed for the main road. Got stubborn, asked for directions twice, waited for the bus and finally found my way to the RMIT campus made up of relatively empty buildings due to their holidays. Felt silly as I have visited this campus before last year! Why was I lost in the first place?!

Luckily I found myself acquainted with the lovely lady administrator who promptly went out of her way to google where I needed to go and call the studio space’s owner to help us out in recognising the place.

I finally got there and found myself in a reasonably sized dark lit studio with graduate films already being screened (I was late after all). There were tables of snacks scattered, decorative lights and people reasonably packed, watching, laughing and applauding to each graduate’s work. Greeted one of my sketch meet peeps who was graduating there, and managed to stay around 40 minutes, grab a lamington before rushing back home.

Glad I got to see at least glimpses of the wide variety of work and support a friend there– still I have yet to see his animation though! Some of the 2D animation trailers there looked really good but I didn’t get to see these in their entirety unfortunately; I couldn’t stay too long! I wasted too much time getting lost. I couldn’t go to their showcase later in the week either.

  • NAC week 1 critique: nice chat session and laughs over at google hangouts; first time using it but it tends to lag my laptop! I shall have to shut down more programs next time.

15th Fri: Scary buildings during the cold night

  • Train drawing adventuuures: caught some sleeping people while others were too alert and aware for me to draw them. I could have drawn more but I needed to rest my arm.
  • PV Progress: while the class were presenting their research assignments, I started to doodle a bit of some studies of ominous buildings and then started sketching my matte painting for the film.  I took heaps of breaks in between, keeping in mind my arm ache…so slowly I will get there.
  • Hello Moon“, as I look at the dark cloudy, nighttime sky: attended a meet up. Found myself listening to and chatting with classmates for most of the night. It was a relaxing and great atmosphere but I drank a bit too much apple juice.
  • Almost forgot to eat dinner sketch: at the train station, I had to quickly eat my cold home packed dinner and then…
Silly comic with stick figures; who does that.

A seagull appeared in front of me. It was a one legged seagull (poor thing though), eyeing at me. So in return, I gave it a stare of suspicion, took a spoonful to munch on and thought: “Take that!!” I then slowly ate all of my dinner as I looked at it, looking at me, eating my dinner.

I was starving throughout the whole night so I wasn’t going to hand over my cold food! Mr One Legged Pirate grew impatient and flew away and then Mr Pudgy came over and gave me its share of glaring and staring. Nope, you’re not getting any of my bland food either. Not going to encourage more of you.

Still, that one legged pirate seagull did remind me of all the times people jokingly tell me to amputate my RSI arm. I am never sure how I should respond to those.

16th Sat: what am I doing

  • PV Progress: Matte painting block ins

17th Sun: Birds and Picnics

  • Sketchmeet Annual BBQ Picnic: It was wonderful to catch up with peeps and meet a few new ones! A pair of black swans, flocks of seagulls and pigeons visited too. I think ate too much for the day and vomited my dinner afterwards but I’m fine (my fault!).
Drew the view; it was a great sunny day! Wished I drew in the black swans though. I think I was one of the three only people who drew something that day. And someone just had to call my makeshift drawing pad a “hippie sketchbook”…I’m just putting my mountain high amounts of unused photocopy paper to use!
  • PV matte painting: worked on this until I got somewhere (was very rusty); blocked almost all of it.


18th Mon & 19th Tues

  • Portfolio: Removed preview images altogether; saves time for me and for the viewer. Hope to keep improving my website constantly!
  • PV matte painting: Continued on shot 1 and decided to do it the long way. Slowly worked as arm was achy. Started sketching and painting a bit of the matte painting for shot 3.
Matte Painting version 1 for the first opening shot for my film, Position: Vacant. I actually put my alias name, my real name, my website url and a quote somewhere in here (no, it’s not the signature). Muhahahah.

Shot 1 painting: Originally I was to do this but then RSI kicked in and a 3D modeled building was made instead. Now that I can draw again in bursts, I’m taking up this task so this is my attempt at establishing the mood when you first see the film. This one took a long while not just because of my aching arm, but because I was designing from scratch sans the camera angle as well as figuring my workflow again. This might be too dark for the film’s version but I’m liking the contrast. Version 1 probably as I’m going to get feedback by next week’s update and I will need to see how it will compose with the rest of the film.

  • NAC week 2: snuck in a pen sketch from imagination…I couldn’t finish week 1, let alone week 2’s homework but I’m doing what I can. The matte paintings took up all of my time due to the breaks I needed and I how I have to figure out my workflow again.
I don’t know who this is, as it’s a brain doodle but at one point I was thinking of the main character from Mirror’s Edge…and how I still haven’t played this game that I have on Steam. I like drawing portraits but I think my anatomy knowledge from memory is always screaming for improvement.

Reflection for the Week


Other Adventures first: 

  • Watching Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Case 2: the investigation scenes were quite entertaining due to the balantly stereotypical Japanese folklore characters but the courtroom moments were horribly dragged on and ridiculous in terms of pacing and common sense.

Simon Says on Steroids” – Simon Blackquill is too overpowered and annoying and finding his prisoner status and circumstances unbelievable while Apollo Justice is…less smarter compared to his previous game as a defense attorney but looked real cool in Case 1. Athena Cykes is emotive as usual, don’t mind her. Mr Filch…I hated him and then his theme music and character somehow outshone all. Going to miss Filch, Mayor Tenma and Jinxie.

  • Pikmin 3: got pressured to play it so I fit in a tiny game session for the week. Was incredibly rusty with controls but I finally saved the Captain at Day 8. All this fruit collecting kept making me hungry.
  • Started watching Contrast (PS4) and it’s been a refreshing take on puzzle platforming games.

Art learning

  • Got heaps to juggle the Art Camp and some PV painting and texturing ahead. Feeling more positive by the week! My arm will need time and rest for it to not ache at all so I’m sure things will get better; I have better work habits now thanks to this.
  • Avoiding “perfect” Characters…we all say half truths because we conceal our true motives and the way of doing so reveals a lot about the person. No one is completely honest and direct (unless they are a robot) so ensure you create characters that only they can deliver their choices and actions in a given situation, compared to the rest of the cast of characters in your story.

Thanks for reading & feel free to comment below! (:

Until next time, Leonie