Week 23 Vital Tentacle Props get concepted

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo, as you’re at your intercommunication device! (:
I hope you’ve been well and will enjoy the weekend ahead. Bah; no good at small talk!

 Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!


19th Wed

  • Train adventuuures; not doing them as much as I’m letting my hand take a break and taking “nap” instead as I know I will have to draw all day (sweet) and sleep deprivation (not so okay)
Some people can’t help but move a lot as they sit; eagerly waiting for their station
  • PV working on the Briefcase concept (been noted by Tonko that it’s too wide for a briefcase however so I fixed that up); finished it up! I learned about latches!
The Interviewee’s Briefcase. Unfortunately it’s empty at the moment.
  • PV got feedback on the tentacle design from Heath
  • 30 minute Figure drawing exercise as tasked by Brendan and Heath
Short gesture studies; reminds me of last year’s experiences at life drawing classes but I’m working from photos this time at pixelovely. I’m feeling a bit rusty at the gesture ones.
Longer poses as indicated. You can probably tell by now (as usual) I don’t care about showing mistakes as I’m doing it in pen and doing it in red.
Some practice and notes

20th Thurs

  • PV working and finally finishing the security camera concept
The creepy security camera with some views that won’t even be seen in the film.
  • 30 minute Figure drawing exercise
Gestures of mostly ladies. Drew these on photocopy paper I took from the recycle bin years back; finally putting them to use once again.
Hope to keep improving on this! Faces aren’t too important here ignore the dotted eyes.
Notes and the 14 minute study

21st Fri

  • PV tentacle and carpet/floorboards: discussed technicalities for modeling it with Will and agreed to discontinue the tentacle sucker carpet idea with Tonko due to scope and time required to figure out the 3D technicalities of creating something that won’t really be within any of the shots (at least anymore). Happy to cut it out as scope is very important!

Sidenote: I originally had it as tentacle floors as that’s how crazy I envisioned it to be back when it was more of a horror genre idea. Now it’s too busy, technically difficult and crazy for our purposes, especially for a 3D student project. Necessary to tone it down. I did consider making my pitch a comic if this story didn’t get through though.

  • PV Prop pot plant concept: almost finishing it after the “democratic” votes from the whole team on what thumbs to use didn’t work out. In the end, I agreed with and went with Tony‘s choices as I am the team nominated art director.
  • Figure drawing exercise
Notes continued
Short gestures
More gestures
Longer poses

 22nd Sat

  • PV Prop pot plant concept finished up with views that won’t be seen in the film
I know my camouflage mode won’t ever be used but I can’t help drawing it! It’s cute and amusing to me at the expense of The Creature’s efforts to conceal itself. (: Floppy leaves this time.
  • Figure Drawing Exercise whilst my laptop kept acting up
Quick gestures. I guess you can tell when I’m doing train studies and when I’m just drawing from photos of figures (red vs black pen).
More figure gestures
Longer poses as labelled. Considered NSFW for you?
Excuse me for the bad camera phone quality as usual
  • PV Prop lampshade concept sketched in and I learned about lampshade construction

23rd Sun

  • Figure Drawing Exercise
Quick gestures
Quick gestures 2
longer poses
Longer gesture poses; yeah I don’t have much to say on these! Masked lady looked mysterious.
  • PV Prop lampshade concept finish up
The Pattern is different from the thumbs chosen by the team but it works out really well with the tentacle and gives a good retro 60’s vibe. If the tentacle ever has an inbuilt glow capability, the little demonstration to the left is what it would look like.
  • PV CEO door concept
Not going to go into the actual door handle mechanism since it won’t really be seen and can easily be researched if one wants to go that far.

24th Mon

  • Figure drawing exercise
Quick gestures
Quick figure gestures
Longer poses; drawn this guy before
11 minute pose; drenched in red pen/biro/however you call your permanent writing utensil
  • PV environment rough sketch
Getting a sense of how to best display the environment
  • PV Exit door concept
The so called “Exit” double door
  • PV picture frame, art props, assorted office prop thumbs

25th Tues

  • Figure drawing exercise
Gesture drawings
More gesture drawings
1 minute gesture drawings
almost 6 minute poses
11 minute pose but it took me 7 minutes…I drew this guy before but I went with it anyway
  • PV Clock, office chair, desk, bookshelf thumbs
Picture frame, clock, cabinet, art stuff and assorted office thumbs. Some of these I actually did during last week’s update.
Wallpaper palettes I did last week and Office chair thumbs I did this week. I’m choosing the thumbs instead of asking for votes this time as this is about not very important props.
60’s-esque Office desks and a rough idea of what the bookshelf will look like.
  • PV Concepts for the three kinds of Picture frames, the art props from the briefcase
I could go all fancy with swirls with the frames, but that would mean a lot of 3d sculpting.

Reflection for the Week

At the time of writing (in this case, the Wednesday), there’s been so much work as usual but feeling the crunch especially as I’m switching things around in the schedule as I adapt to how long this environment development needs. A lot of it is defining its details and what features to stylise. Though I’m glad it’s not as complicated as I thought. Busy, busy, busy with this student project. (:

In terms of the research assignment, I still have no concrete idea on what I want to set myself to do. I know many weeks ago I settled on storytelling, or facial anatomy, or advanced perspective or photography (unlikely as I’m still waiting for an appropriate time when I have the funds and time for that, but I’d like something that is a small Cintiq or the equivalent of a Cintiq first), or digital sculpting or costume design. I’ll need to start posting about one of these topics in 15 posts here as well before presenting my findings to the class if you remember my explanation then. I would aim to hone on all of these areas in the decade to come but if I were to prioritise, then advanced perspective or storytelling will be my first targets?
Whoa, I said decade. Yes, I am embracing this life long journey of learning! Would we still be here with you still reading my posts do you think? Shall have to wait and find out!

The relentless cold of winter hits especially this past week where I
wear so much clothing until I turn into a marshmallow cocoon due to the lack of heating and end up
scheming ways to avoid getting sick. Regardless, it is still one of my favourite
seasons because I’m already biased towards the indoors and there are no mosquitoes out trying to eat me (it’s not because I’m a winter baby!) (:

Thanks for looking! (: Until next time,