Week 24 Figures, Hollywood Costumes and Environments in an imaginary birthday cake

Leonie’s small blog island says hulloooo! (:
I’ve revamped the look my blog a bit so that the images stand out more against the dark grey; it does seem to be one of the common colours used in artist blogs but it does seem to work better! The blues, pale oranges are still there and I’ve created a new cheesy, embarrassing header image to top it off.

Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!


26th Wed

  • train adventuuures at last
The top left hand lady put sunglasses on just as I started drawing her; she’s on to me! The bespectacled girl in the centre seemed to be studying for her Chinese university exam.
  • Figure drawing exercise 30 minute session
I think I’m becoming more looser in drawing or it’s probably scribbles in disguise.
Too scribbly to my liking as I look at it. I really need more practice on Gestures
1 minute ones
5 minute?
7 minute where I add a smug face on that gentleman there
“Worshiping the gods”; almost 6 minute pose
A shoe in your face 10 minute pose
  • Did some Secretary body shape ideas (stereotypical 60’s young secretary vibe). Most of the team went with hourglass though I’m going to play with pear shaped too.
Just scribbles figuring out body shapes for this lady compared to the other characters
  • PV positive encouraging feedback on the props from last week’s update: hooray!
  • PV Bookshelf, clock and cabinet concept continued and finished up the next day
Keeping the distorted shapes there and included team member names (Tonko, Tony, Victor and Will) on the books just for fun.

27th Thurs

  • train adventuuures; I’m glad that I’m getting some more in!
The 2nd head was of a gentleman who had a consistently worried and sad look on his face. I hope things turn out alright for him.
  • PV Office chair that won’t get used in the end (as I expected though!) I drew this as back up!
The chair that will never get made for this film. Not that I minded too much as I only started on it today. I do need to do some leather studies in the future though.
  • PV Secretary desk sketched out
  • (personal): Got overwhelmed, stunned, shocked and embarrassed by kind birthday wishes in person because I haven’t had something like that since…agessss! (: I was already content with well wishes alone but the bonus on top is that I got a surprise hot chocolate from Tonko and two kind surprise birthday hugs from two extremely admirable people (they know who they are but I don’t think they would see this)! Next time I need to be more prepared to give better hugs back though. To those who gave me well wishes, thank you for making a normal day special! I don’t celebrate my birthday so I wasn’t expecting much at all.
  • Sketch group meet to draw Hollywood costumes this time. Otherwise, I would have been isolated in my hermit cave and will not have been able to draw something different from life.

Sketchbook peeping aside, most of the time I scouted alone, as I first went around looking at the whole exhibition at ACMI to judge for myself what I must draw before the place closes. The one of the main aims here is to hunt down things you want to draw before closing time (…right?)! The flat screens pretending to be celebrity heads for the costumes were a bit creepy when I realised Will Smith’s eyes were blinking all of a sudden and I did a double take and stared back with all my might at his digital eyes; it wasn’t a photo but a video after all!

As I looked over the costumes, I realised that they weren’t as wonderful, vibrant, high quality and large as I remembered from the big screen. It really puts things in perspective: reality versus Hollywood (colour grade?) post production effects to make it look more visually engaging than it actually is. That being said, there were still a selection of well kept beautiful costumes in there, so if you have the time and money to pay for a ticket, make a visit and draw away before the exhibition’s gone. Practice your drapery! (:

I went over the sketches over with pen over the next day as everything started to smudge due to my clumsy hand! Thanks to Josh W. for lending me one of his pencils when I forgot to bring my own with me (only pencils were allowed)!

Some remaining train adventuuures headshots in blue. In black are the Hollywood costume sketches I did. Blues brothers among some other costumes. (I don’t have the time and money for it so I’ve been told off by people that I don’t watch enough films, TV, comics and play enough games so please excuse my ignorance!)
Rose’s Titanic outfit and hat, a My fair lady costume and the other ones are unknown to me.
I will refrain from labelling these now in the captions else I will be shamed, scoffed and shunned by film buffs around the world due to my ignorance of some of these. I simply drew what stood out to me especially in terms of texture and drapery.
I didn’t want to render too much so I did what I usually do similar to my train adventuuures and figure drawing exercises when I went over these in pen
I’ve noticed this costume was a popular choice to draw so I had a go at it…wonderful costume indeed though my drawing is not so wonderful. I didn’t even get to draw everything I found interesting though as my arm kept going sore holding up the sketchbook. I need a fold up chair!

28th Fri

  • PV Secretary desk continued and finished
Heath mentioned that the desk was really plain but what he doesn’t know is that Tonko hasn’t designed or made all the desk props yet.
  • PV Environment cube of the Couch and Secretary walls sketch
WIP: Dear 3 point perspective, you are really tricky to set up. Regards, Leonie

29th Sat

  • figuuure drawing exercise (yes I’m going to put 3 “u”s wherever I think appropriate) and later watching my bro play Bioshock as I drew things that caught my eye
Gestures still need improvement!
The horror, I forgot to use my red pen for this. It is running out as well!
The red returns and I did a random elf girl after watching tbf playing and old Dungeons and Dragons game Chronicles of Mystara?
Drew a little sister present package and some quotes from Bioshock, a still life drawing for the Epic Mickey and Yoshi figurines and some more elf girls
figure drawing hence returns! 8 minutes as annotated there.
I don’t even know what’s going on here with the tiny doodles
This model with the bandages across his head; I keep thinking, that is an extreme but effective way to conceal your identity! 11.5 minutes
My first 30 minute one since this year so I was pretty surprised with how it turned out
  • updated and hopefully made my About me page better! Welcome any proofreaders out there!

30th Sun

  • Bro playing Bioshock at Fontaine Industries as I drew things session
I’m trying to find things to draw as he plays the game…!
  • figuuure drawing exercise…I’m doing 1 hour sessions since yesterday but it actually takes me even longer because I actually pause on a picture thereby taking longer than I should. However, because I capped my internet for the month in recent two days, I had to wait to preload the images slowly first before I could draw the whole thing.
I looked really bad to me at the time, but now it seems to look more streamlined and less scribbly?
I didn’t get to finish rendering them. 5.75 minutes each
I think I’ve drawn this twice at least for the gestures. 13 min
18 minute one; a lot of it is in complete shadow so a lot of red ink was sacrificed.
My photo camera quality at its “finest”
21 minute lady
22 minute lady. It was supposed to be 30 minutes at most, but I found that I finished before the allotted time. I could keep rendering but it will be too overworked with red by then.
  • PV Environment cube of the CEO and Exit walls sketch
WIP: Don’t worry, the tentacles outside the walls won’t even be seen in the film. Just for my own crazy purposes. Or perhaps give you some ideas for nightmares.

1st Mon

  • figuuure drawing exercise and why, it’s July already!
I watched someone play Knights of Pen and Paper and the characters were small and cute looking. Some gesture drawings too.
I keep feeling I’m not getting the hang of this thing. Shall keep practicing.
Some weird composition going on here.
I didn’t get to finish rendering other of these. 5.75 minute ones aren’t my favourite so far.
I had to censor his face because it was too hazardous for the human eye. He wasn’t finished either.
16 minute ballet dancer. Added some more stuff to her tiara.
28 minutes; I don’t know what to think about the polar bear head and fur being there.
  • Changed the colours of the blog and I did a new silly header image for the blog
  • PV Environment cube continued

2nd Tues

  • figuuure drawing exercise
Gestures of evil
Gestures continued
Me trying the same pose a few times
Not finished with her but had to move on
5.75 minutes with a derpy face
15 minutes
10 minutes man
30 minute ladies; so perhaps 15 minute each? Not sure.
  • PV Environment cube of the Couch and Secretary wall block ins getting refined
WIP: slowly getting there (forgot the camera!) but I’ll have to put this on hold and get into designing the remaining two characters. Stay tuned for next week!

Essay Ramble Reflection for the Week

It’s not just because of the sketch meets, but I’ve been getting that universal artist feeling every now and again: always feeling like I’m a newbie
and a fraud! There are so many fellow artists out there globally online let alone locally doing inspiring, brilliant things in the same creative direction while I feel like an insignificant speck of dust in relation to our multiverse/universe! The negative sorts of doubting notions such as “Why am I doing this when I might not get
anywhere?”, “Competition is fiercer than ever, the amount of us doing the same thing keeps increasing at an exponential rate and it’s not going to get better,” and “How can I ever stand out from the global, let alone local crowd?” and feeling like there’s no end to the heavy, thick
fog ahead occasionally haunts my head (especially when this is my last year to my 3d animation course and I know there are still decades of learning to do). I know this feeling is the same for all creative people regardless of how good you are in the industry but it’s never easy when times are tough and frustrating. Universal feeling indeed.

It is a never ending cycle but upon reflection, I deal with
these negative waves by kicking and blocking it off the other way and just focus on doing my best
on what I want to learn. When you’re creating and learning something you believe in passionately and genuinely enjoy the process of, you just become incredibly immersed into it that all the rest including all the negative voices and needless self comparisons to other established artists and successful people fade away.

I guess that’s why I’ve kept going at it, blogging about my progress and created a regrettably corny header for my blog just to pump myself up. (:

I used to feel that I should proactively and consistently support others doing the same but I found that it was not feasible for me especially when maintaining this blog alone is time consuming. So I don’t know if I’m sharing too much of myself here or if anyone is getting anything useful out of these workblogs; but what I do hope, is that it indirectly motivates others to keep going to some degree. It’s
better to learn and struggle with good company where you can consistently mutually support each other to get better (not sure if I have actually found such company yet) rather than simply fend for yourself due to feeling isolated, unsupported, misunderstood, rejected, unworthy and alone. I think many fellow artists* understand this feeling too well. (*Of course anyone following a passion in other fields have such experiences too; just note that this is an art-centric blog.)

In my case, I had my career change at 2011, switched to a clearer career direction from mid-2012, while by the end of 2012, I realised visual development, illustration, character design and concept art became my focus. Indeed, I’m on this life long art learning adventure on my small blog island, lost amidst the infinite depths of the internet seas and am working on connecting with like minded people despite being a “not good at group conversations” awkward hermit. Obviously one can’t befriend and get along with everyone at equal amounts as that would be unrealistic but I have a tremendous respect to fellow art creators, music and film makers, performers and storytellers who resiliently get back up and keep going at their passion no matter what the obstacle. That alone is wonderfully inspiring.

I don’t know if I’ll ever, ever reach a mastery level that I’m happy with as this goal is a forever moving target but once again, I’m pleased to have your company along this crazy ride.

Side note: in the past week, I had the greatest birthday I’ve ever had in a very, very long time and no cake, presents or parties were needed! I’m minimalistic in terms of everyday life so perhaps I’m easily content.

Thanks for looking, especially those who have been reading! (:
Until next time,