Week 22 “The Tentacle Project” rather than by its actual name

Leonie’s small blog island says hullo, friend!! (:
New 5cheduled time of 5:55pm AEST just to suit people of my timezone instead of 5am.
Bear with me as I try this time out for a while.
Yes 5:55 is an odd number but how I like it! It’s a codename for us meaning 5cheduled! (:
Here I actually go as far as I can into drawing tentacles…as bad as that may sound.

 Let’s go crazy! Journal Time!

12th Wed

  • Got distracted by E3 news but got feedback on the tentacle, eyeball and door thumbs I did (as seen from last week’s update) from my team. Apparently for some, their eyes imploded in the process so I hope your eyes survived from last week. Building upon those thumbs!
  • Meanwhile I put together the thumbs I did for the secretary’s desk so that Tonko could research those and I could get an idea on what he wants to model too. I will still have to concept these at least colour, details and shape wise (mostly everything) eventually, but I needed to keep production moving forward and have placeholders in place.
Desk Prop Thumbnails I did

13th Thurs

  • train adventuuures
I’m drawing what I can get here with assorted feet and hands and even a satchel
  • PV Production Packet for Position Vacant: somehow I ended up putting it together for the third time for my third project with the help of Victor and Tonko for submission
  • PV environment/The Creature concept development: technicalities and design of the CEO wall, tentacle and door discussed with the group in depth while I added things to the task list and Will ultimately sorted out the Gantt chart for this project (for the 3rd time for him out of all his projects as well). The gantt chart helped clarify the big picture in terms of schedule so a bit of a sigh of relief from me. (:
Getting more of an idea of how this creepy wall will look like.
No he didn’t dye his hair crazy; it’s hair colour coding for modeling purposes for Will.
  • PV environment/The Creature: honing down on the final design for the CEO wall

14th Fri

  • train adventuuures
You might see this page again in next week’s update as it hasn’t been filled up yet. Here you see how unforgiving pen is but as usual I’m running with it
  • PV environment/The Creature: honing down tentacle design
  • PV animatic presentation, production management and meetings

15th Sat

  • PV tentacle greyscale concept art and regretting that I’ve drawn it so huge

16th Sun

  • PV tentacle concept art finally done after refining, adding eyeballs and scale comparisons
Tentacle Greyscale Concept Art: You’d need to click it to see it in full size. I hope Will doesn’t implode at the thought of 3D modeling this but he probably has the benefit of making it modular instead of ending up like me where I mostly rendered every eyeball/sucker. And this isn’t the last time I’m drawing tentacles either! I have to update the CEO wall again with this finalised tentacle.

17th Mon

  • PV Prop Security Camera thumbs
Not sure if any of these belong to the 60’s but it’s possible if I reconsider materials here as there are interesting cameras that exist in the 60’s.
  • PV Pot Plant thumbs
So many kinds of office plants I’ve found as well as pots!
  • PV Lampshade thumbs
Couldn’t fill up a page with lampshades as I didn’t want to deviate too far from the typical office lampshade (I would if I could!)

18th Tues

  • PV Briefcase concept and learning a lot about latches; not finished with it yet so you’d see it next week instead

Reflection for the Week

Yet another week! Been thinking how there’s countless thousands and thousands of people around the world wanting to do the concept art thing. We all need to remind ourselves that there’s always someone better than you and others striving to catch up to you so it’s more beneficial to just do your best and find your own way to do things! Only you can do things in your unique way and then you’d be able to flourish. (:
Or at least that’s what I keep telling my newbie self.

Thanks for looking! (:
Until next time, Leonie