Week 8 The Sleeping Chef-like Gentleman


Week 8 now (yes I’m no longer counting days; what was I thinking?!).

Welcome to my little blog island again!
It’s now 5cheduled weekly at 5am AEST on Fridays. (:
This is so that it’s not too long and overwhelming in length. This means things will be more shorter!

Train adventures from 4th of March I couldn’t fit last time:

I don’t know why I did a badly drawn fish, I did write “memory of a goldfish” so I was probably referring to myself.

People keep movin’ and movin’ on trains; difficult to do accurate studies when they change positions as usual. I am drawing however!

Let’s go! Journal Time!

6th wed

  • Zbrush brief introduction by Brendan: hopefully will be able to put more into practice! 
  • Clarified what I needed to do a new final design through more Frankenstein-ing parts together for the flying fighter drones for the short film project. This is because things needed a more bulky, robotic and huge vibe rather than the stealthy, sleek dragonfly design or the waspy design I had in the previous post (yes I am biased!)
  • Train adventures
Teen in the middle was staring at me for a while suspiciously; I just acted normal.
I forgot what that drapery-like lump was at the bottom/middle of the image.

7th thur

  • Final concepts done for the flying fighter drones and it turns out I’m having my concept modeled by Pablo Tochez and Will Lovett from another group rather than for my own group! But it doesn’t matter; it’s in good hands! Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done! It did matter to my own group though as I spent almost the entire day working for another group rather than help my own group out. I do wonder if I should be posting these as separate blog posts…but blogging is a different cup of tea compared to adding new pieces to a gallery.
This is not my favourite design especially when I can see many flaws but the group seems pleased with this one! I shall perhaps develop my own final concepts for my favourite designs (:
  • rushed Storyboarding a few frames for the 2D animatic (wasn’t given much notice/time)

8th fri

  • Finalised Storyboard frames for the 2D animatic as follows. I didn’t do all the frames so I’ve split them into two images to show where the gaps are
I’m surprised no one in my group called me out on the 5th frame’s issue: I gave them frame 3 instead of 5! He’s supposed to look up at the sky, not look back down. I’ve only realised this now as I put it together, so here is the fixed version. Click to see it bigger.
Painted over Theo Pandola’s greybox model of the feature building in these storyboards. The last few frames are supposed to reveal something monstrous but it wasn’t added here as it’s not my role to do so and because we’re not up to it yet.
  •  Generic Building Designs which turns out, wasn’t even required?
  • Rough ideas for a feature building & finally managed to stay awake to do some train adventures today too
We meet again, sleeping chef gentleman.
Sleeping chef gentleman continued; kept moving in his sleep and stared at me from time to time, probably because he wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I call him chef because it appears to me that he was wearing a kitchenhand uniform under his jacket. I also caught someone putting a palm to their face but I drew his thumb too long.
Based on Theo Pandolas’ greyboxed building, I doodled some more detailed designs. Badly drawn random head included too.
The hot sun was glaring at me where I was sitting so I couldn’t draw as much anymore. Chose to sit in a bad position!
  • Anatomy legs/feet homework

9th sat

  • Anatomy legs/feet homework
  • Working on the Building’s (as seen in the short film storyboard) final design; incredibly slow progress due to living in an oven

10th sun

Not entirely original and the sidekick small tower on the side is something? I had no idea what it was: an external elevator? External carpark? Some building for broadcasting? Slight comic book vibe added.
  •  Above: Feature Building based on Theo Pandolas’ greybox model design finished. Took most of the day to figure out how it would look like and struggled to construct things together, and finding a workflow for doing perspective proved difficult and more time consuming than expected. Added some drama in the background to make it at least a little interesting. Have also been melting under the heatwave…splat.
  • Bcard designing (sweltering long progress)

11th mon

  • Bcard designing
  • Anatomy neck, head and hands overview (sweltering long progress)

12th tues

  • Anatomy overview continued (sweltering long progress)

In other news…

Now my art tumblr is: tumblr.leonieyue.com
And my interests/fun/inspiration tumblr is: fun.leonieyue.com
Just having fun with my new domain name (:

top bar for this very blog looks mightily empty with only the “About” link up there. When I
do develop my portfolio, I hope to fill it up the bar with links to

I am so sad that Google Reader is being discontinued July ): I use it so much!
Trying to find an alternative!

There goes another week! As usual, Wednesday and Thursday onwards shall be posted next Friday.
So busy busy busy!

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time,
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