Days 8 to 18 where summer holidays comes to an end

Journaling progress continues, my friend.
I’m calling you friend because you read my posts in my little blog island (:
cough excuse my awkward social skills cough

I’m starting to like how this journaling is going…too early to say though. I need to be doing this for a few more months before I can really assess how this blogging approach is going. Am aware that it’s not as “real time” as people demand everything to be but this is simply journaling things as I go; I’d rather not spam people with posts everyday. Assuming that people are interested, that is.

I feel more positive and that I’m doing & accomplishing things as I look back. Time will tell though.

Let’s go!!

(Quote from the old Marvel vs Capcom PS game)

DAY 8: 28th mon

    • Muscles of the chest & abs overview & homework

DAY 9: 29th tues

  • Chest & ab muscles homework finish off
  • BABA reading mega content day

DAY 10: 30th wed

  • BABA content continued
  • BABA feedback catch up
  • All my course work accidentally “permanently deleted” & stressing out. Lemons.
Loomis FDfaiW continued: considering doing digital studies instead

DAY 11: 31st thurs

  • attempts to retrieve lost work via recovery software
  • redo homework due to losing work
  • BABA review

DAY 12: 1st Feb fri

  •  time consuming attempts to recover some lost files by retracing & redownloading them. Throwing the lemons back like Cave Johnson one step at a time.

DAY 13: 2nd sat

  •     Shoulder and Back muscles overview
  •     BABA colour assignment

DAY 14: 3rd sun

  • BABA colour assignment continued
  • Shoulder and Back muscles continued

DAY 15: 4th mon

  • Finding study buddies…?
  • Fixing Muscles in the torso homework
  • Shoulder & Back muscles homework
  • Loomis’ FDfaiW notes continued

DAY 16: 5th tues

  • BABA reading week 5 content day

DAY 17: 6th wed

  • BABA week 5 content continued
  • people on trains adventures

DAY 18:7th thurs

  • people on trains adventures
Trying hard not to get detected = not very detailed results! I’m still drawing from life though!
  • Thanks, thanks to my classmates & teachers as I’m feeling good about coming back to real life classes. I just need to speak louder and give more eye contact more often and figure out how to respond to your terribly too kind compliments as all I could do is smile awkwardly back. Pumped out these rough concepts (not as well developed as I would have liked!) as part of this 1st day to make a 3D short film in two days (not sure if we’d make a film on time). I’m an Art Director apparently for this little project, but I believe it’s more like a joint decision with fellow arties and to generate ideas than a decision of my own as I’m still learning (teamwork as they say!). This story involves a medieval execution gone wrong.
Ignore the first half; not part of the concepting! Involves my broken glasses which happened.
The Axe, The Executioner, The King and The Prisoner. Really basic designs as I did these in half an hour or so with a tricky tablet and we’re on a tight timeframe. Credits: original King design by Sarah Roddenby and original Prisoner design by Pablo.

Ooh! Forgot to post train adventures I did last year!

Here you go:

It’s pretty long! Still, the 2 week time frame allows me space to put these together and it keeps me working more I’m finding along with the fact that I’m juggling with more things. Phew!

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
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