Days 19 to 32 Medieval executions & Assorted Heads

Hullo again, another journal comes around dear reader friend. (:
Welcome to my lonely blog island howonearthdidyougethere. Make yourself comfortable.

I’ve also changed my domain name to instead of while I have yet to develop any portfolio at my main domain. Still, essentially this blog is my main hub while is just a side portfolio in development kind of thing.

I’m doing everything via blogspot, because I am tight with money and will try to get away with as little expenses as possible (one day, self hosted wordpress, one day). Still, countless of illustrators & artists use Blogger and other platforms so I’m content with Blogger.

There’s nothing there to see at my main domain. I’m serious. I haven’t been working on anything that resembles a portfolio lately, as you can see from my adventures below. This is because I am still on the road in improving my skills! Full of learning though & busyness!

Aaaaand again:

Let’s go!!

DAY 19:8th fri

  • people on trains adventures (too unclear to show)
  • making a film in 2 days challenge continues: day number two! (Just doing the pre-production side of things for my group) I’m posting my half of the storyboards for the 2D animatic  however. This execution ends really unexpectedly in the end where someone else dies instead.  Can you guess who?
The last frame was cut & was replaced by the second last frame. You could tell I put more effort during the beginning but time constraints proved challenging thus I had to get on with it by using just lines. I think the axe coming down should but cut out upon reflection–it breaks the flow. Note I was working off the original storyboard thumbs by someone else and as Sarah and I kept going at it, we keep finding things to cut and change.
  • some thumbs for different axe shapes which won’t be used
Only played with blade shapes at this point; could be more variations!

DAY 20: 9th sat

  • reorganised priorities yet otherwise unproductive
  • BABA week 5 content,  homework & catch up

DAY 21: 10th sun

  • BABA week 5 homework continued
  • behind schedule!!

DAY 22:11th mon

  • Anatomy of the arms

DAY 23:12th tues

  • Anatomy of the arms

DAY 24:13th wed

  • train adventures; gel pens aren’t really working out for me when I’m also trying hard to not be too obvious drawing people!
  • modeling & texturing a store building from a scene from Sin City:
Modeled & Textured by me plus brick texture from the net; it’s only a diffuse map though
(Not my work!) The building I made was based from this shot here from a screenshot of the movie Sin City, as a police
car approaches Rourke to run him down. No, I haven’t seen this movie before.

DAY 25:14th thurs

  • train adventures
  • greenscreen keying & motion tracking newbie level

DAY 26:15th fri

  • train adventures; not proud of these train adventures so far but shall keep trudging through!
Silly thumbs for the executioner as I wanted more iterations; not sure if I’m getting anywhere. Realising I need to go to fundamentals even more.
  • greenscreening post production continued in After Effects

DAY 27:16th sat

  • BABA week 6 reading content

DAY 28:17th sun

  • BABA week 6 content & homework continued
  • Expressions and poses practice
  • Character profiles exercise

DAY 29:18th mon

  • Anatomy review
  • BABA week 7 content

DAY 30:19th tues

  • Anatomy review & homework
  • BABA week 7 content & homework continued

DAY 31: 20th wed

  • train adventures (post it next journal)

DAY 32: 21st thurs

  • Train adventures (posting it next journal; no time to process it digitally)

Been a crazy two weeks! I shall continue next journal’s post with Day 31 again since I ran out of brain room and time to post details. Overall, a lot of learning but not enough actual practice so far.

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time,
Leonie aka UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity