Life Drawing 6 – Male back to basics with pencil

Hullooo friends!

Pencil work with life drawing now from the 15th November. Yes, I’m counting how many life drawing sessions I actually attend. Here goes number six!

Contour drawings without looking at the paper. Crazy lines going on here. I couldn’t stay concentrated at some points!

Another 3 min contour drawing; the last one.
It’s really a 15-18 minute study as the instructor was talking to me. I didn’t draw the whole pose this time with the stick holding pose as I wanted to get some focused studies going on too.
Drew a quick sketch of the 20 minute pose before I go on with the study.
With the same 20 minute pose as previously shown, I did another study of his right hand. May not be anatomically correct but…improvement perhaps?
It’s more like 10 minutes being spent on this 20 minute pose. As the other 10 minutes was spent listening/talking with the instructor about things.
Well had a few minutes left so I did a rough sketch of the same pose.

Much room for improvement still…!

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated! Until next time from,
UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity

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