SonOfAlice – Following the Cotton Strand Trail

Credits as listed in the end. Two people will have seen it already, so this is nothing new to you.

The audio synching is not that good as I was just plugging in free sound effects just to get the general idea of the scene. I am not being assessed on how I do the audio anyway. In terms of framing, camera angle, composition, transition and other cinematography techniques, I think there are some instances where things can be done much better but I don’t know how to pinpoint it…or perhaps I’m just not confident in this area.

The frames themselves are storyboard frames too and I will be assessed on how I represent the 1 minute-ish section of the script.

The script I’m following isn’t the best script ever as I couldn’t even read through the whole 90 pages and I couldn’t engage with or like the characters. Still this scene in the script is reasonably well done aside from some continuity errors and here in this animatic I’ve done part 2 out of 3 of the scene–my other two group members are doing those.

For those curious on what immediately came before and after this part (or you can read the whole script/screenplay):
Part 1 involves the main character/Edward/Alice’s 13 year old kid waking up, seeing a dark figure whiz past at the upstairs hallway upon looking out of his bedroom door. He goes across to his parents’ bedroom and tells them about it and both dad and Alice dismiss his claims and silly ideas and tell him to go to bed. (Alice has completely disregarded her adventures when she was younger, now as a 30+ year old, which is arguably still out of character since she should somehow have retained some fraction of her belief since telling her kid stories about Wonderland when he was a toddler.) So he leaves their bedroom rejected.

This leads to Part 2 above.

Part 3: He heads off in search of the White Rabbit, going deeper into the forest. The White Rabbit had enough and leaped in front of him, threatening the kid with a switchblade so the kid will leave him alone and stop stalking him. Edward kept insisting that he knows who the White Rabbit is and even mentions his mother, Alice. White Rabbit lunges in to cut his ankles.
Suspenseful End

If you want more on this story where a kid called Edward keeps believing and persisting with Wonderland for no logically sane reason, where it is a mash up of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”, the cramming in of all the characters of the Alice books, Peter Pan movie “Hook” and Disney’s “The Little Mermaid 2”, then search for “Son of Alice” a first draft, by Damon at
Otherwise, don’t bother.

And I shall keep working on my current assignment now (:
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