VIR2L & Photo studies in pencil, watercolour & acrylics [Sept/Oct]

Avert your gaze from this embarrassing post.

Hey how have you all been? (:

Put this photo here for coolness! Mario wearing my pinhole glasses I use to see hoho
Pen Life Studies I did + a concept for Penguin Man I made up
Acrylic Practice Painting: Poor attempt at Impressionism according to VIR2L.COM
Acrylic Practice Painting: I’m surprised I painted something that remotely looks like the sea [VIR2L tutorial]
Acrylic Practice Painting: Based on a photo I took in a carpark
Still Life & Photo studies continued
Watercolour Practice & Studies

Oh just in case:
Enjoy your holidays by yourself or great company or friends or family with food, fun, hobbies, excitement, relaxation, whatever; it doesn’t have to be parties. (: Just do what you want.
Stuff it & forget this advertising ploy called “Christmas”. /Scrooge