Loomis Studies & NIMB development I did in Sept/Oct

Hey it’s been a long while! (:

Several pages of my sketchbook for “drawing people” studies here. More or less one page takes about a day to do, shade/render plus notes and I did this several of months ago. I need to do it faster I think. There are much more pages but I still need to improve so I shall save you my embarrassment. (:

NIMB stands for my pending title for a story I’d need to fully develop someday [NIMB = “Not in my book!” is the current title] and this is my 2nd attempt in designing the 4 central characters. Below are the “not as embarrassing” character expression sheets for 3 of the characters. I did much more work on them that this but I wasn’t happy with them or the quality of my execution. Shall have to keep developing this story & characters when I feel inspired. The title/logo up there is still in development & I have done a vector & refined version of it already. Still I might even start from scratch again!

In the coming posts [and this one] I’ll be posting things I’ve done 3-4 months ago.

Also I’ve deleted my so called “NSFW Art Tumblr” as I will use one Art tumblr to submit sketches of nude anatomical studies instead.

  • The customisation of the blog stuffed up on me; it was the last straw
  • the hassle of maintaining two art tumblrs
  • I haven’t submitted stuff there so I haven’t started actually
  • Though I expected it, I get more consistent traffic there than my actual Art tumblr!!
  • I should not have stated explicitly it was “NSFW” and “Mature” in the title
  • There’s a time and place for pornography & I am not against people who read pornography [just as long as you are not out of control & dangerously addicted to it] but I was getting annoyed at the consistent traffic I was getting at the empty “NSFW Art Tumblr”

So my current plan is to submit sketches to this blogger BUT if there’s anything with explicit nudity or mature themes I’ll submit it over at my Art Tumblr instead.
So Art Tumblr = finished works + nude anatomical studies + mature themed work from now on.

Anyway, got a new header and all that; I think it’s simple but effective.
I think I will stick with this for the long term! (: