Fanart / Crossy Road Castle has been out on Apple Arcade!! I was an art helper for the game.

CrossyRoadCastle fanart! Here’s unihorse!! 👑✨ [game]

This game is finally out! Here’s the original tweet. I helped and worked on this Hipster Whale game with the incredibly wonderful art lead Ashleigh [artstation] under her guidance and direction, with lots of feedback from Clara Reeves & the rest of Hipster Whale team last year!

I was an art helper for the initial level background voxel assets and decorations for 4 months. Instead of avoiding Unity, for this project I actually decorated most of the level backgrounds too! I was a newbie with moving 3D assets in Unity and did my best with what I had and was tasked to do :’)

Please note that the art direction, characters, main art assets, fixing visible wall seams, final polish passes of the decorations and level backgrounds in the game and social media art & animation is *all* credit to Ashleigh’s hardwork – she’s super thorough, versatile and great who’s worked super hard on this with her team! Congrats to them all! 😀

I’m just glad helped out for a while with voxel art and that I can finally post this fanart. I did this when I was still working on the project haha

Check it out if you like multiplayer platformers and have Apple Arcade! :0 I don’t so that’s okay too if you can’t afford the fancy phones and stuff like me :’)

Thanks for reading about what I was up to last year! ;D

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9 Comments on “Fanart / Crossy Road Castle has been out on Apple Arcade!! I was an art helper for the game.

  1. Woooo! Congratz to them on another release!

    I’m not super huge into phone things (I’m stubborn and frugal so i prefer my old phone anyway :X), but I remember seeing their stuff pop up alot online. Always thought it looked really cute. Glad to see them still going at it.

    I think it’s really cool to be working on games though. Must have been a fun and interesting experience learning all that new stuff. (Stressful too) But learning new stuff like that has always interested me so I’m a bit jealous. (Not that I have any artistic ability lol)

    That’s definitely one adorkable unicorn! Bet your art style would look good in Voxels or 3D. It’s also got a real charming and warm feel to it and seeing the Patch Gaming designs got me thinking your stuff would work really well as Inspirational/Motivational Art. (Certainly worked on me.)

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Thank you!! Indeed they’re still going strong to expand Crossy :0 Yeah I don’t really use my phone myself unless I need to. I wish them all the luck with this new release!

      I don’t know about fun but definitely interesting and lessons were learned back then! It felt like a puzzle since it involved lots of problem solving too in terms of background decoration and design.

      Gosh thank you for the kind words!! I’ve been thinking of doing inspirational/motivational art but I’ll let that happen as it comes 😀 Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feedback and for reading!

  2. I think you’d be really good at it. You’ve got a very analytical mind (Which is an appealing trait!) and you put your thoughts to text quite eloquently.

    Honestly, I think you’ve got the potential to excel at whatever you’re passionate about. Just take your time figuring out what it is you want to do and build up your self-confidence then I know you’ll really take off.

    I’m always happy to take the time to read what you have to say. 😀
    Though, If It’s a bit too personal on the feedback I apologize and please let me know if it is. I’m not the greatest at socializing lol and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. That’s the opposite of what I want.

    • Thanks so much for the kind encouragement and compliments, gosh! I’m still figuring it out with what makes me excited about art again but thank you for believing in me and reading my rambles ;__; !! There’s a mix of stress, anxiety and impatience mixed in there sometimes :<
      No worries I’ll probably awkwardly focus on other topics or say so if things get too personal haha
      It’s all good, I’m super awkward with social things too (: !

      • I’ve been slowly healing from my current burnout since last year February so :’)
        Ooh I’m not so good with writing stories and world building, that sounds cool!
        Thank you so so much for the terribly kind support! (o^▽^o)/

        • 🙁 Hope the healing goes well so you can get all of your passion back asap.

          I enjoy writing quite a bit. I’ve got Years worth of Campaign ideas and working on one right now that I might make a story out of.

          Trade off being that I have no ability to draw lol.

          The support is well earned so you’re very welcome!

          • Thank you so much, I hope so too but these things takes as much time as it needs.
            Good luck with the exciting development of your campaign ideas and story!

  3. Haha. You’re welcome! I understand how bad burnout can get. It happens to me with my D&D/Pathfinder writing. (I love World Building) But stress and anxiety can strike and I’ve spent months in burnout.

    Your rambles are all great! I’m going through the same sorta stuff and I can really empathize. I’ll keep believing in you as long as you want/need someone to! Plus to be honest, I think you’re pretty interesting so I’m always looking forward to what you have to say next.

    Thanks for understanding on the awkwardness. 😀