SuperLeonieMode 338 / Life is frustrating sometimes

SuperLeonieMode 338 / Being a stressed, impatient grump happens too 😢

Yes as a hoomin, there’s times when I’m just grumpy, stressed, anxious, impatient, tired and irritable in general because life is full of curveballs, sadness, frustrating humans, circumstances, misunderstandings, rejection, resentment, confusion, hurdles and disappointment :’)

Mixed, overwhelming feelings and bad moods like this happen.

Managing, being aware and present with them and talking about it is hard to do consistently!

Also Leonie being envious and impatient from all the recent, celebratory vertical art tweets on twitter so she did a grumpy doodle ;D

I only use twitter on desktop/browser so being able to see art vertically at 4:3 is not available to me.

Turns out it’s still cropped at the top and bottom somewhat when the art is super tall but not as bad. Nooo; not all of us are “free” from twitter’s bad image cropping!

I hope it rolls out to *everyone* eventually.

Perhaps one day I won’t have to format my art horizontally like this 🙁

PS: Yes whenever the comic number jumps, it’s because there’s still unfinished comics I’ve started before this impromptu one ;P