Update / SuperLeonieMode comics are all on WebToon!

All of my 300+ SuperListenMode comics are all on WebToon!

Ah it all started since 2016. The memories :’)

It took me a few days of uploading, copying the original links and creating preview images earlier this week for over 300 images but I finally pushed myself to put it all the SLM comics up there. Phew!! Better accessibility for all of them now!

Finally I got inspired to do it when a friend recommended me a WebToon comic to read (I’m still reading it and got caught reading something else too, thank youuu)! It reminded me that I had considered uploading SLM comics there ages ago but I didn’t go through with it because I didn’t want to make custom preview images for the platform (see the collage with some of them above! Gosh!!) Still I couldn’t be bothered copying the long, sentimental captions I had back then so I went with supplying the original blog link :0 Whelp links don’t really work in this platform, I learned.

Technically the comics have ended but I’m just sneakily posting a few blog updates there which feature myself ;D SLM is barely alive and I don’t expect much out of posting it there since it’s not heavily story driven and not regular at all.

Interestingly I got 5 subscribers at webtoon after I finished uploading what I had so far. I didn’t even talk about it on social media yet :0 Whoa!

It’s quite embarrassing when I look back at the comics and I still relate to some of them :’) Now that I have some distance from the comics, it definitely shows how far I’ve progressed, experimented, my sappy feelings and how I juggled between getting it done and pushing my art styles. Remembering how stuck I felt, rambling about the same personal struggles. Back then it was a lot of putting my heart out there but the comics reached a plateau :’) It didn’t feel like I was improving artistically, conceptually, I was burning out and I needed a break.

I linked Patreon there initially but I didn’t want to give the wrong impression that I’m still making these comics? :< But then again, my Patreon is pretty clear on what I’m doing these days so I put it back. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

I’m still super grateful for the small handful of kind readers over the years! Thank youuu for still listening here at my blog <3

Anyhoo take a look if you’re interested! :0

Also I got kindly peer pressured to post this that I’m open for work

I was procrastinating! :’)

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