Fanart / Byleth from “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” in Smash! Introducing Interesting finds

In this blog:

  • Bunch of Byleth art & as a fighter in Smash
  • Personal update
  • Interesting finds on the internet!

Lady Byleth in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate a while ago!

I understand reasons why people are upset about the character in Smash and they’re valid as there are 8 characters from this franchise now, 5 of which play super similarly. I’m just super tired of people complaining, bashing the franchises and being negative about the character when there’s many more DLC characters to come that are already pre-picked by Nintendo (not Mr. Sakurai) last year for Fighter’s Pass 2 (and a possible, rumoured final Fighter’s Pass 3). They probably moved characters around to time it with releases and allow further development too.

Smash is already enormous with characters and they should be done with adding characters by now! I feel there’s always people who aren’t happy when their favourites aren’t in and not every character is for everybody. I just want to enjoy the game without the vicious in-fighting drama and terribly high expectations please.

Yes there’s more interesting, popular FE3H characters they could have picked but the main protagonist of the game has to be it with a whole range of weapons (so less of a swords-person character). I could be wrong but apparently there’s seems to be a new rep for every new Smash game. I’m just happy for Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans and that there’s a representative for the latest popular and great Fire Emblem game!

Happy Byleth sketch

So this was actually the first sketch I did; just felt like doing an awkward Byleth sketch while learning & doing figure drawing ;D They’re not even my favourite character! I just wanted to do it while I felt like it, now that they’re in Smash :0

How they play in Smash

Based on what I’ve heard and seen, Byleth in Smash plays slow with some high risk and high reward attacks. Better up recovery compared to Joker. They’re a pretty cool and fun character to play and apparently they’re Fire Emblem’s version of Ganondorf in Smash with distinct lines for the game too :0 I’ll try playing as them whenever the opportunity to play Smash comes.

More Byleth shenanigans

The last Wave 4 standalone DLC for FE3H with the side story characters – I need to see it when it’s out before I have any thoughts. Apparently after finishing this DLC side story, you can unlock these characters in the main game too. It’s intriguing and I’m curious if there’s more lore! I might do more FE3H fanart when I feel like it with my favourite characters! Byleth doesn’t count as they’re just a mute avatar for the player ;P

Personal update

  • Not as sick anymore! I don’t need naps either to function! Yay! I ate lots of chips though :’) I’m slowly starting to do low intensity yoga/pilates again at least, well when my environment isn’t a mess anymore. Hopefully I’ll get back to Ring Fitness Adventure eventually!
  • I’m losing followers again on twitter and facebook! Oh no!! And then suddenly I have some again because of a kind shoutout! I suspect it will go down again. All the same, it’s too draining to be constantly social and I need to keep working to get better at art and reach more like minded people, I hope!! :0
  • Looking into how to best portion my food intake since I don’t really have a rigorous lifestyle :S Low carbs? Low Fat? Low meat? One huge meal a day? I still eat carbs every meal :S Intermittent fasting helps with saving money at least since I only need two meals and some snacks in between. I know health is more about a combination of exercise, nutrition, portioning and environmental factors. Wahhhh I enjoy food :<
  • I might be able to have my own island, separate from my brother as my brother considers getting the Animal Crossing Switch :’)
  • Wondering what kind of art I should make as I take things in stride and hope to build more momentum and confidence in my skill :’) I’m just trying to keep my mental health afloat and not dwell on negative feelings. Focusing on learning and having fun with art for now.
  • Still waiting on maintenance so my stuff is a mess now :<
  • the illustration I did for them went public! :0 I’ll retweet it later and do a dedicated blog post to it closer to the date of the conference.

Interesting finds! New section!

It’s definitely not everything I come across but something I felt worth sharing here and/or things I was curious about. It’s a lot because there’s some from past weeks I wanted to include! I’ll probably do this section on Sundays if there’s something (:

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far and take care for the coming week! <3

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